The 5 most expensive European cities to visit

The 5 most expensive European cities to visit

5. Dublin – The Republic of Ireland is a great country to visit and it can offer good value for money, but in general it is not a cheap country to visit. Dublin being the largest and capital city makes it more expensive than other cities such as Galway and Cork.

A bridge in Dublin
A bridge in Dublin City

Inexpensive restaurant meal: 15.10 Euro. Domestic beer: 5.90 Euro. Regular coffee: 3.30 Euro. Public transport: 3 Euro. 3-star hotel: 60 – 140 Euro per night. Guinness storehouse: 19.50 Euro.

4. Amsterdam – Known for its narrow houses, beautiful canals, and artistic heritage, Amsterdam is an excellent city break with one of Europe’s best old towns. The one and only drawback to this wonderful city is the fact it is definitely not a budget-friendly city.

Inexpensive restaurant meal: 15.55 Euro. Domestic beer: 5 Euro. Regular coffee: 3.25 Euro. Public transport: 3.20 Euro. 3-star hotel: 60 – 140 Euro per night. Anne Frank House: 12.50 Euro.

3. Copenhagen – When you hear Scandinavia, a budget-friendly destination is not the sort of phrase you think of. Although there is plenty of ways to save a lot of money when visiting this outstanding region, you will have to dig deep to keep your wallet happy.

Rosenborg Castle in Denmark
Rosenborg Castle

Inexpensive restaurant meal: 16.10 Euro. Domestic beer: 6.70 Euro. Regular coffee: 5.10 Euro. Public transport: 3.25 Euro. 3-star hotel: 80 – 150 Euro per night. Tivoli Gardens: 18 Euro.

2. Oslo – The second Scandinavian city to make the list. Oslo does have two airports that serve budget airlines such as Ryanair, making it a cheap destination to fly into but be sure to add the price of a train or bus ticket into your budget as they are quite far out and public transport is expensive in Oslo.

Oslo Town Hall
Oslo Town Hall

Inexpensive restaurant meal: 16.70 Euro. Domestic beer: 8:30 Euro. Regular coffee: 3.90 Euro. Public transport: 3.40 Euro. 3-star hotel: 60 – 130 Euro per night. Viking ship museum: 10.25 Euro.

1. Geneva – Of course, this list could not have been finished off without an appearance from Switzerland. Geneva is a global hub for banking which pretty much sums up how expensive this city can be. As off-putting as that might sound, it’s still a brilliant city to visit surrounded by the Alps.

Inexpensive restaurant meal: 23.50 Euro. Domestic beer: 7:50 Euro. Regular coffee: 4.10 Euro. Public transport: 2.85 Euro. 3-star hotel: 120 – 170 Euro per night. St Pierre cathedral 7.40 Euro.


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