The cheapest cities to visit in Europe

A cathedral in Sofia, Bulgaria

5. Porto – This is the only western European city to feature on this list. Portugal is a fabulous country in itself, but Porto is the city that we believe offers its best value for money. Regular coffee: 1.54 Euro Metro ticket: 1.30 Euro Domestic beer: 2.00 Euro Meal at a reasonably priced restaurant: 7.00 Euro Currency: Euro.

4. Sofia – The capital of Bulgaria is one of the cheapest capital cities in Europe. The city’s landmarks reflect 2000 years of history with Greek, Roman, Ottoman & Soviet vibes. Regular coffee: 1.23 Euro. Metro ticket: 0.81 Euro. Domestic beer: 1.51 Euro. Meal at a reasonably priced restaurant: 6.05 Euro. Currency: Bulgarian Lev.

3. Poznan – Poland’s hidden gem, overshadowed by cities such as Krakow, Warsaw & Gdansk. Poznan is packed with history and beautiful architecture at extremely low costs. Regular coffee: 5.41 Euro. Metro ticket: 0.87 Euro. Domestic beer: 1.73 Euro. Meal at a reasonably priced restaurant: 5.41 Euro. Local currency: Poland złoty.

The Old Town Square in Poznan
Old Town Square

2. Zagreb – It maybe 1000 years old but it’s “Young & playful at heart” and you get a sense of that the minute you enter this outstanding city. Great for museums, shops, parks & pubs. Regular coffee: 1.53 Euro. Metro ticket: 0.52 Euro. Domestic beer: 1.95 Euro. Meal at a reasonably priced restaurant: 7.16 Euro. Local currency: Croatian kuna.

1. Budapest – Lively, beauty & excitement at extremely low prices are what put the Hungarian capital at the top of this list. The only drawback to visiting is having to leave. Regular coffee: 1.32 Euro. Metro ticket: 0.98 Euro. Domestic beer: 1.48 Euro. Meal at a reasonably priced restaurant: 5.60. EuroCurrency: Hungarian Forint.

A chuch in Budapest's Castle District
Matthias Church

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