Things to do in Budapest on a budget

Things to do in Budapest on a budget

1. Buda Castle – Although there is an entry fee for the National Gallery Museum and the Budapest History Museum, the Buda Castle District is completely free to enter. Take a walk through beautiful gardens before arriving at the castle which was first built in 1295. Fisherman’s Bastion and Matthias Church can also be found here, which are both a must-see and also completely free.

The Buda Castle
Buda Castle

2. Gellert hill – The hill is over 235 meters tall and overlooks the Danube river. With spectacular views over the city, you can snap up great photographs and see the Danube river split the city in two with Buda in the west and Pest in the east. Be sure the check out the Citadella fortress and Liberty statue while you are up there.

3. City Park – An outstanding park with walks, restaurants, and sometimes markets and festivals. As if this park wasn’t good enough on its own, you can also find Hero’s square, museum of Hungarian architecture, Vajdahunyad Castle, and much more here. We definitely recommend taking the Metro 1 line out here which is also another great experience to encounter.

4. Margaret Island – Located in the center of the Danube river, it is 2.5 km long and 500 m wide. This is the ideal spot in Budapest for a picnic! Hit up the amazing Central Market Hall and pick up some amazing fresh local cuisine before making your way up to the island. Afterward, you can take a lovely stroll around the park or you may even be lucky enough to witness one of its cheap summer concerts.

5. Szentendre – A beautiful Baroque town with cobblestoned streets lined with charming shops and museums, just over 20 km north of Budapest. The most convenient way out is by train, it takes 35 minutes. You can also take the bus which is around 20 minutes both costing a mere Euro each way. You can also take a boat which will take around 40 minutes or a relaxing cruise will take 2 hours.

Buda castle – Free. Fisherman’s bastion – Free. Matthias church – Free. Gellert hill – Free. Cittadella fortress – Free. Liberty statue – Free. City park – Free. Hero’s square – Free. Museum of Hungary architecture – 1600 HUF (4.50 Euro). Vajdahunyad Castle – Free. Metro line 1 – 350 HUF (1 Euro). Margaret island – Free. Central market hall – Free. Szentendre – Free.


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