A weekend in Milan, Italy

A weekend in Milan, Italy

Our trip began when we flew over the Italian alps and began our descent over the picturesque hilltop towns and villages surrounding Bergamo. After a short bus journey from Bergamo airport, we ended up at Milan central railway station which is a sight to see for itself. Although it is called Milan “central” railway station it is still at least another 35-minute walk to the city centre, which we didn’t really mind as we got to see more of the city on our walk-in.

Milan Central Station
Milan Central Station

Our first stop was the Breras picture gallery which is the main public gallery in Milan. It contains one of the foremost collections of Italian paintings. After spending some time here we continued on our way to the Milan cathedral where we took a small detour through the fashion district to do a small bit of shopping before we finally ended up at Piazza del Duomo where you get to witness the main reason why tourists flock to Milan, and we could see why. Staring us straight in the face was the magnificent Milan Cathedral where we could admire its exquisite gothic design which only got better as we climbed to the rooftop and enjoyed the view of Milan from above.

Milan Cathedral in Spring
Milan Cathedral

As we were in Italy we knew we would have to try the pizza over there at some point and after doing a small bit of research for the best pizza in the area we came to the conclusion that we would have to try Spontini. With high expectations, it did not disappoint. This was perfect for us as it is located right beside Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II which was next on our to-do list where we admired the outstanding architecture in Italy’s oldest active shopping mall more so than doing any shopping.

Milan shopping center
Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

As we walked on up Via Dante heading in and out of shops along the way we came to the 15th century Sforza castle where we constantly took pictures of this amazing castle. Strolling through we stopped for a quick coffee in the castle’s café and then entered into our favourite park in all of Milan, Sempione park. In this calm & relaxing environment, we completely forgot we were in the bustling city of Milan which could only have been better if the weather was kinder to us in these stormy conditions. 

Sforzesco Castle in Milan
Sforza Castle

Being a massive football fan & hearing the news that the San Siro stadium was being demolished, we decided we had to see one of the most iconic stadiums across the entire globe as it might be the last chance we ever got to see it. We set foot from Arco Della Pace, the unpredictable weather took a turn for the worst and we were lucky to stumble across the City life area of Milan where we could take some shelter in its modern shopping centre with some excellent cafes before emerging into the park with some breathtaking architecture on display which chic looking apartments & awe-inspiring skyscrapers.

A skyscraper in Milan, Italy
Skyscraper in Milan

Luckily for us, the skies stayed dry for the final leg as we finally made it to our destination, the San Siro stadium. Any football fan will know just how historic this colossal 76,000 seater stadium is which was built in 1926 and home to European giants Inter & AC Milan. But as I walked up the stairway & the thunder began to rumbled I was able to cross off one thing on my bucket list, to visit this masterclass of a stadium, the only thing that had me a little bit down was the thought of facing the journey back into the city in the thunder & lightening.

San Siro Stadium in Milan
San Siro Stadium

We bravely decided to get the tram back to the city centre rather than walk and by the time we got there, the rain was still pouring from the heavens. Taking the weather into consideration we didn’t want to wander about trying to find a place for somewhere we could get food and have a drink so we decided to go to a much talked about Terrazza 12 – Lounge Bar. After a night full of great food & cocktails we ordered a taxi back to our hotel at Smart Hotel Milano Centrale.


After going to bed that night listening to the rain pelting against the window we woke up to very contrasting weather conditions. It was over 20 degrees when we left the hotel before reaching 30 later on in the day. As our flight was late that night we had some time to see a bit more of Milan even though it was a bit rushed. Our first stop was the Natural history museum which is housed in a Neo-Romanesque style building with Gothic elements. It also has lovely gardens where you can relax but unfortunately, we didn’t have the time.

A bench in a park in Italy
A bench in the gardens

Walking briskly we made a quick appearance at the Royal palace and the very pretty Merchant square before ending up at Santa Maria Delle Grazie where we were glad to witness one of the finest pieces of art from arguably the finest artist of all time, Leonardo de Vinci and The last supper. This painting is one of the most noticeable painting worldwide. Unfortunately, there was a lot more we would have liked to have seen while we were here but we did have a flight to catch. Hopefully, we will get back again to see more of this marvellous city!

The Last Supper painting in Milan
The Last Supper painting

Milan central railway station – Free. Breras picture gallery – 5 EURO. Fashion district – FreePiazza del duomo – Free. Milan cathedral – Entry 8 EURO, Rooftop 13 EURO. Spontini – Pizza slice + water 4.30 EURO. Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II – Free. Via Dante – Free. Sforza castle – Entry free, Tour 5 EURO. Sempione park – Free. San Siro Stadium – 22 EURO. Arco Della Pace – Free. City life – Free. Terrazza 12 – Lounge Bar – Cocktails 11.50 EURO. Smart Hotel Milano Centrale – Double room 40 EURO per night. Natural history museum – 5 EURO. Royal palace – 12 EURO. Merchants square – Free. Santa Maria Delle Grazie – 10 EURO.

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