A day in Warsaw, Poland

A day in Warsaw, Poland

This post about Warsaw begins 400km away in the amazing city of Krakow. After spending a week here in the freezing cold temperatures of January we arrived at John Paul II Kraków-Balice International Airport and although we were sad we were leaving, we were glad to be getting home to the much milder weather. Unfortunately, it was due to the weather every flight out of Krakow was canceled. After weighing up our options we somehow decided to get an overnight bus to Warsaw and getting a flight from there was the best choice.

Krakow Airport

At 2:00 am we boarded the Flixbus which had us in Warsaw by 7:00 am and since our flight was not until the evening we decided to see as much as possible in this short time frame. As of nearly every Polish city, we began by heading towards the Old town. On our way, we passed the Presidential palace before arriving at the Castle Square where you can experience the blend of beautiful medieval and Soviet union vibes from the cobbled stoned streets to the Royal castle which is the former residency of the Polish monarchs.

Old Town Square in Warsaw
Castle Square

After passing St John’s Arch cathedral and popping in & out of some lovely small local shops we arrived at one of the most magical places I had ever seen, Old town market square. Surrounded by stunning architectural buildings and luckily enough to see the Christmas market with wooden huts and its abundance of lights we decided this was as good as a place as any and stop for food, considering it was also -3 degrees out. After fuelling up and heating up at a cozy Café Keks we continued onwards.

Christmas market in Warsaw, Poland
Warsaw Christmas market

Although our experience at the Museum of Warsaw was brief we really did enjoy it and when we turned the corner we enjoyed ourselves even more after witnessing the Warsaw Barbican. Walking around this extraordinary relic you can really start to appreciate the deep ancient roots of this historical city. Since the Warsaw barbican marked the end of the old town and the beginning of the new town we decided to pay our respects at the Warsaw uprising monument which is dedicated to the Warsaw Uprising of 1944 before heading towards the New town center with its modern skyscrapers.

Warsaw's Old Town walls
Warsaw Barbican

As we got a small bit lost and beginning to run out of time, we had to rush our way past the Unknown soldiers grave in the Saxon garden and as it began to snow the area looked amazing but in the back of our minds, we were worried we would have another flight canceled on us. Picking up some speed we briskly walked through the New town center where unfortunately we didn’t have enough time to visit the 237 meters tall Palace of culture & science but we made sure to stop to take a few pictures. We arrived nervously at the modern central train station but fortunately, enough everything went smoothly for us from the train to the airport until our flight safely touched down at home.

Warsaw’s New Town

Old town – Free
Presidential palace – Free
Castle square – Free
Royal castle – 30 PLN (6.70 EURO)
St John’s Arch cathedral – Free
Café Keks – Regular coffee 10 PLN (2.25 EURO)
Museum of Warsaw – 5PLN (1.10 EURO)
Warsaw barbican – Free
Warsaw uprising monument – Free
New town – Free
Unknown soldiers grave – Free
Saxon garden – Free
Palace of culture & science – 20 PLN (2.50 EURO)

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