Why winter is the best time to travel

Why winter is the best time to travel

The summer months are by far the most popular time for people to go traveling. A lot of people seem to be turned off by the thought of traveling during winter and I’m not 100% sure why this is the case but I’m guessing it’s due to the cold and harsh weather. Personally traveling during winter is my favorite season to go exploring and here are the reasons why.

1. CHRISTMAS MARKETS – This is the number one reason why I love traveling in winter so much. The is nothing that will get you in the Christmas spirit more than a visit to a European Christmas market. Searching for handmade crafts in a small wooden cabin, smelling the mulled wine and delicious foods filling the air, or returning to a child going up Ferris wheels and playing funfair games.

Christmas market in Copenhagen

2. WEATHER – Although most people hate the idea of cold dark winter days, I love them. I love throwing on 2 jackets and constantly stopping for hot chocolates to try and keep warm. But the best thing that can come out of the weather is snow. Once it starts snowing every city seems magical! and the pictures you can snap up are incredible. If you are not from somewhere where it snows regularly in winter, you will really appreciate this.

A park in Russia covered in snow

3. WINTER ACTIVITIES – I do love skiing and snowboarding, but to be honest I’m pretty awful at them. I will usually buy or rent a sled and race down any slope I can find. The upside to going sledding is you can do it in many more places and there is much less chance of falling over… One more activity which only comes around during winter is ice skating which is great and can be done at a lot of big Christmas markets in Europe.

A ski slope in Poland

4. MONEY – During winter, hotel prices are slashed by up to 50% in some cases. You can find 4-star hotels for the same price as 2-star hotels during peak summer months. Not only can you save a ton of cash at hotels, but a lot of restaurants or cafés will also have special offers during this time of the year to draw people in during a period where the business is slower. Museums can also offer discounts this time of the year so any budget traveler should seriously consider traveling during the late months of the year.

A quiet museum in St. Petersburg during Winter

5. TOURISTS – It is a bit hypocritical complaining about flocks of tourists when you are one, but going when lines for attractions are shorter, getting pictures without having to wait for everyone to move, or simply walking along the streets without brushing up against groups of tourists will make anyone’s trip more enjoyable, less stressful and will give you more time to explore wherever you may be.

A cathedral in Warsaw

6. ATMOSPHERE – The closer you visit to Christmas, the more this will apply to you. Walking past shops and seeing lights and decorations hanging from the doors and roofs is bound to put a smile on your face. Heading into cozy bars or cafes with the fire on sipping a hot beverage while Christmas songs play in the background will make you appreciate traveling during the magical winter months.

Christmas lights and decorations in Poznan

If you are planning on traveling in winter, or we convinced you to travel during this time, you can check out our favorite European winter destinations in the link down below.



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