Best cities to visit in November 2020

5. SALZBURG – Austria officially reopened its borders to tourism on the 16th of June 2020, but foreign nationalists were required to quarantine on arrival. Now, there’s no need to quarantine if you are visiting from 31 approved EU countries. Countries that are not included on the list are Spain, Portugal, the UK, and Sweden, although you may enter once you take a PCR test on arrival or quarantine for 14 days. More Info:

Salzburg City

November is the start of the winter season in Salzburg and it’s also the first month where you can find snow here. Waking up to the refreshing cold air hitting your face and hearing the frost crackle beneath your feet and is the perfect start to any November morning no matter where you are. You can stop for a coffee at the pretty café Tomaselli to warm your bones or kick start your morning with your daily fix of caffeine.

4. GOTHENBURG – Sweden opened its doors to tourists on the 15th June to EU member states and on the 4th of July, they expanded their list to accept more countries from outside the EU such as Tunisia and Thailand. There are currently 41 countries that can enter without a PCR test or a 14-day quarantine. More Info:

A busy street in Gothenburg, Sweden

Scandinavian countries are not the most budget-friendly but traveling during the offseason in November can make a huge difference to your wallet. Hotel prices see a considerable drop in prices and even more so as there will be fewer tourists this year. With average highs of 7 degrees Celcius and average lows of 2 degrees Celcius it does mean it can get quite chilly but nothing that is unbearable.

3. HAMBURG – Germany officially reopened to tourism on the 15th of June and now allows up to 34 countries to pass through its borders without a PCR test on arrival or to quarantine. Some countries outside of Europe include Australia, Canada, Tunisia, Thailand, and Uraguay. Those entering from Romania, Spain, and the UK will need to present a negative PCR or be tested on arrival. More Info:

A canal in Hamburg

Hamburg is located in the north of Germany which means the weather can be a bit colder than in cities such as Frankfurt or Munich, only adding to the presence of winter coming upon us. Since the temperature rarely goes above 8 degrees Celcius you might want to warm yourself up with some mulled wine from the iconic Christmas market which begins on the 16th of November 2020.

2. PRAGUE – The Czech Republic is another country which opened its doors to tourists from Slovakia and Hungary on the 15th of June. Considering Prague in particular relies heavily on tourism, they reviewed this and have permitted that over 40 countries from across the globe can enter without the need to quarantine or present a negative PCR test. More Info:

Prague's Old Town Square

Considering Prague gets over 20 million tourists a year and this year it has fallen drastically, it is a great time to see sights and attractions at a relaxing pace. Being able to stroll leisurely across Charles Bridge and admire the Prague castle without being crowded out by tourists is a blessing and this may be the only year where you can visit Prague and unlock its huge potential.

1. GDANSK – Poland recently announced it lifted travel restrictions on 26 EU nations along with the UK, Norway, Iceland, Switzerland, and Finland. This means people arriving from these countries do not need to quarantine or take a PCR test of arrival. Poland’s lockdown was pretty intense and is now experiencing the effects it had on the economy. More Info:

Gdansk city center

As Gdansk prepares for its magical Christmas setting the weather starts to take a turn towards the colder side with daily averages of just 4 degrees Celcius. With the cold air blowing in from the Baltic sea you will feel the presence of winter sneaking up on you. One thing that you should definitely consider doing is getting out of the cold and heading into a cozy underground pub or café for a drink or a bit to eat.


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