My favorite viewpoints


WHERE: Budapest, Hungary.

WHY I LOVE HERE: It is located 235 meters above the city of Budapest which allows you to draw in the beauty of the city and the surroundings of the Buda Hills. The walk up through the park is a great journey in itself. When you do climb to the top there are benches so you can enjoy the view but you can also find street food, bars, and even a Citadella to behold.

The view of Budapest from Gellért hill


WHERE: Prague, Czech Republic.

WHY I LOVE HERE: You get the feel as if you are out in the countryside 2 hours from Prague when in reality you are only a 30-minute walk from the Old Town Square. Here you can explore the history of the fort, discover underground museums or just relax in the park enjoying the views while having a picnic.

The view down the Vltava river in Prague


WHERE – St. Petersburg, Russia.

WHY I LOVE HERE: The fact I was here while it was snowing on New Years Eve did make this place feel like a winter wonderland. Climbing up the narrow winding steps was only the beginning of the fun. From the rooftop, you can get a 360-degree view of St. Petersburg where you can spot sights such as the Winter Palace and Senate Square.

The view fom St. Isaac's cathedral in St. Petersburg, Russia


WHERE: Bergamo, Italy.

WHY I LOVE HERE: As you enter the building and walk up this amazing tower, you almost feel like you have traveled back through time to the Medieval ages. This feels even more so when you get to the top and witness the beautiful Old Town of Bergamo! From the front, you can see the New town, from the side the Old Town, and from the back, you can see the hills that sweep across northern Italy.

The view of the Old Town in Bergamo, Italy


WHERE: Zakopane, Poland.

WHY I LOVE HERE: If you come in the winter you can sit out with a cold drink overlooking the city or if you come in winter as I did, you can enjoy, skiing, sledding, tubing, and a magical Christmas market on top of the mountain! No matter how many pictures you see of this place, it cannot compare to the experience you get from being there.

The view of Zakopane from the mountains

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