Cardiff castle in Wales


WHERE: Cardiff, Wales.

WHY I LOVE HERE: This is the only place where I experienced a castle smack bang in the center of a city but as you enter the grounds it feels like you’re a million miles away. The original motte and bailey were built in the 11th Century but today you can find a well-preserved fort wall, a medieval castle, and a Gothic palace with an amazing interior. You can take an audio tour which is great as it allows you to explore the area at your own pace. Website:

Rosenborg castle in Copenhagen, Denmark


WHERE: Copenhagen, Denmark.

WHY I LOVE HERE: What makes this a very enjoyable visit is the fact it’s in between being a top attraction and a hidden gem. You get all the benefits of a top attraction such as its great architecture and the enjoyment of being there without ridiculous entry fee prices and flocks of tourists. As it is located in the King’s Gardens, you can wander through the peaceful park once you are done discovering the castle. Website:

The Blarney castle in Cork, Ireland


WHERE: Cork, Ireland.

WHY I LOVE HERE: It’s as if you stumbled across an oasis due to its peace, quiet, and fresh air. The current castle dates back to the 14th-Century only highlighting how much history is embedded into the area. It’s not just the castle though, there’s so much to do here such as kissing the Blaney stone, exploring the gardens, or going on an adventure to find the hidden waterfall. Website:

Wawel castle in Krakow


WHERE: Krakow, Poland.

WHY I LOVE HERE: It was built in the 13th & 14th-centuries and it was the world’s first UNESCO world heritage site. When you make your way up to the pretty courtyard you start to imagine it as a mini-city because of its vast number of buildings and structures on show. When you make your way to the outskirts of the castle you can capture amazing views across Krakow, especially if you visit in winter when it’s covered in a blanket of snow. Website:

The view of the castle in Rome, Italy


WHERE: Rome, Italy.

WHY I LOVE HERE: One of my favorite moments out of all my days traveling was spent here. Going through the castle made me feel like a child again viewing historical artifacts and their impressive armory collection. Once you arrive at the top of the castle you get breathtaking views across all of Rome. Things start to feel really special once the sun goes down and you get a clear sight of St. Peters Basilica lit up. Website:

2 comments on “My favorite castles

  1. Nice choices, my favorites so far is probably Mariefred (Sweden), Bojnice (Slovakia) and Cochem (Germany). 🙂


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