My favorite Cathedrals


WHERE: Paris, France.

WHY I LOVE HERE: Luckily I got to witness this architectural masterpiece before it was tragically burned down on the 15th of April 2019, fortunately, they will rebuild it to its original design starting in 2021. It’s not just the amazing view I love so much about this cathedral but also the area it’s situated in. One of the world’s greatest pieces of Gothic design is located on an island along the Seine with gorgeous Parisian cafés and restaurants nearby.

The Notre Dame in Paris, France


WHERE: Valletta, Malta.

WHY I LOVE HERE: For most people, the view from the outside won’t pack the same punch as other cathedrals on this list, but I adore its rustic Arabic exterior. Once you walk through the doors you will be blown away by its mesmerizing baroque architecture which was mainly designed by Mattia Preti, a Calabrian artist, and knight. This cathedral was built in 1572 and is dedicated to John the Baptist and I can’t say he would feel let down in any way.

St. Johns Co-Cathedral in Malta


WHERE: Prague, Czech Republic.

WHY I LOVE HERE: The Prague castle district is one of the finest in all of Europe and when the cathedral is the highlight of visiting here it really makes a statement. As you walk through a small tunnel to get there, you always see the door of the cathedral but once you immerged you cannot escape the sheer size and quality of the building. There is free entry into the building and when the sun hits the stain glass windows and lights up the entire room, this will be the highlight of your day.

St. Vitus Cathedral in Prague


WHERE: Milan, Italy.

WHY I LOVE HERE: To be honest, if I was writing this on another day it could have been number one on my list. I had done so much research on the cathedral before I arrived in Milan and I was expecting a lot but nothing out of this world, how wrong I was. The fact this cathedral took almost 6 centuries to build pretty much sums up how impressive it is. Not only is it stunning to look at but you can also climb to the rooftop and get a chance to snap up some amazing photographs of Milan.

The Milan Cathedral in Italy


WHERE: St. Petersburg, Russia.

WHY I LOVE HERE: For anyone who admires buildings and architecture, St. Petersburg should be up at the top of their list. Its golden dome that can be seen from afar draws you in so you can witness its exquisite neo-classical design. Upon arrival, you are greeted with huge stone pillars and relief covered bronze doors. The interior is magical with the walls covered in mosaics which are known for their life-like features and the floors made up of multi-colored granite and marble.

The interior of St. Issacs Cathedral in Russia

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