Who done it better?

Petrin Tower and the Eiffel Tower

PALACE OF VERSAILLES (TOP) – Located in the Ile-de-France region just 20 minutes from the city center of Paris, The palace began life as a hunting lodge and remained so until 1661 when King Louis XVI ordered it to be expanded into the palace it is today. In 1682 he moved the entire French government to Versaille but now the palace is a place where tourists flocks to embrace the extraordinary work of art on the interior and exterior. Website: http://en.chateauversailles.fr

PETERHOF PALACE (BOTTOM) – What is interesting about this palace is that it was built in order to rival the Palace of Versaille. It was built in 1705 but it looked nothing like it does today. After Peter the Great visited Versaille in 1717, he decided he wanted a bigger and better palace back home. Today there are many additional buildings in the complex such as Hermitage pavilion, Montplaisir Palace Marly Palace, and the Cottage Palace of Nicholas I. Website: https://en.peterhofmuseum.ru

The Petrin tower and the Eiffel tower

PETRIN TOWER (TOP) – This is another structure that was built on the idea of another, guess which one. Of course, it resembles the Eiffel tower and it stands at 63.5 meters high and 318 meters above sea level which means when you climb up the 299 steps you are standing higher than you would be on the Eiffel tower. This tower was erected in 1891 and today is a major tourist attraction for visitors coming to Prague. Website: http://en.muzeumprahy.cz/198-the-petrin-observation-tower

EIFFEL TOWER (BOTTOM) – This historical landmark is one of the most iconic but also most controversial sites in all of Europe. Most people either love it or hate it, initially when it was completed numerous artists and architects across Europe opposed the idea. But in 2015 almost 7 million visitors passed through its gates making it the most popular paid monument in the world. People may not like the view of it, but there’s no escaping the fact the view from the top is amazing. Website: https://www.toureiffel.paris/fr

Charles Bridge in Prague and a bridge in Verona

VERONA CASTELVECCHIO BRIDGE (TOP) – Historians believe that the original bridge was built around 1355 so Cangrande II Della Scala could exit quickly from the castle which once stood alongside the bridge. In 1945 the bridge was destroyed during WWII, but it was rebuilt in 1949. Now you can walk across the red brick bridge which stands over the river Agdid admiring the views of the Veneto landscape. Website: http://www.turismoverona.eu/nqcontent.cfm?a_id=35973&lang=en

CHARLES BRIDGE (BOTTOM) – This bridge is the tourist icon of Prague and around 20 million tourists a year come here to see it. Construction of the bridge began in 1357 and was the only bridge linking the east and the west of Prague up until 1841. As you walk under the Charles bridge tower and the waters from the Vltava river flows beneath your feet, you can see can get a great view of the Prague castle in the distance. Website: https://www.prague.eu/cs/objekt/mista/93/karluv-most

Shandon tower in Cork, Ireland and Big Ben in London

SHANDON TOWER (TOP) – Situated on a hill overlooking the city of Cork, you will find this church which dates back to 1722. Standing at over 170 feet tall, the tower is known to locals as the four-faced liar, due to the fact each clock shows a different time. Once you reach the top you are given the chance to ring the bells from the church of St. Anne. Website: https://www.shandonbells.ie

BIG BEN (BOTTOM) – Probably the world’s most famous clock and not a lot of people will know that Big Ben is just a nickname, its original name is Elizabeth tower. The tower is located at the north end of the Palace of Westminster and was opened on the 31st of May 1859 which was 5 years later than planned. Website: https://www.parliament.uk/bigben

The Opera house in Copenhagen and Oslo

OSLO OPERA HOUSE (TOP) – This modern piece of architecture was completed in 2007 and was designed to look like an iceberg. It has a capacity of 1,400 and is the home to ballet, opera, and theatre in Norway. What’s as impressive as the shows that are put on here is the fact you can walk up onto the roof and capture an amazing picture of the city of Oslo, especially when the sunsets. Website: https://operaen.no

COPENHAGEN OPERA HOUSE (BOTTOM) – This Neo-Futurism piece of architecture was constructed in 2001 and it came with a whopping price tag, around 500 million EUR. The first thing you notice is the sheer size of it, standing 40 meters above you. If you get a canal cruise of Copenhagen you will sail past here and learn interesting facts such as the roof is bigger than a football field or that the roof has an area in which a helicopter can land. Website: https://kglteater.dk/?section=36042

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