Free things to do in London, England

Free things to do in London, England

1. Markets – London markets are up there as a must-see attraction on a trip to the ‘Big Smoke’. One of the best reasons to visit these is due to the fact they are completely free to enter. Obviously, you cannot purchase anything for free but to experience the smells, the atmosphere and the buzz of these markets will make any trip you take to London a perfect one. Some of the most popular are Portobello Road Market, Camden Market, Borough Market, and Greenwich Market.

2. Parks – London is a haven for excellent parks. You have parks such as Regents Park in the north of the city, Hyde Park in the west, Crystal Palace Park in the south, and Greenwich Park to the East of the city center. On a sunny summer day, there’s nothing more enjoyable than walking through such parks with ice cream or even sitting down for a picnic in the beautiful surroundings. I have even seen some groups with small BBQs.

Buckingham Palace

3. Museums – There are many London museums that are world-class and up there as the best in the world. Museums such as The British Museum, The Natural History Museum, Science Museum and The Museum of London are free all year round. Some museums will have free entry on certain days of the week or certain times of the day so be sure to do your research before you leave for London. You can find more free museums here at

The National Gallery in London, England

4. Galleries – As an art enthusiast, London could possibly be the greatest place on earth to indulge in your passion. Even people who are not so passionate about art or galleries should give some of these a chance, especially considering they are free. The National Gallery, TATE Britain, Camden Arts Centre, Victoria and Albert Museum, Whitechapel Gallery and much more are completely free to enter any day of the week.

London city center

5. Famous sites – When visiting any famous city or region in the world there are certain areas you need to visit. For example, New York has Times Square, Moscow has the Red Square and Sydney has Sydney Harbour, you cannot visit these cities without witnessing such attractions. If you want to experience the best of what England has to offer you need to visit Piccadilly Circus, Leicester Square, Chinatown, Trafalgar Square, Carnaby Street and the Queen’s residence of Buckingham Palace.

Getting there:
Portobello road market: Ladbroke grove (Tube). Camden market: Camden town (Tube) .Borough market: London bridge (Tube). Greenwich market: Greenwich (Rail).
Regents park: Regents park (Tube). Hyde park: Hyde park corner (Tube). Crystal palace park: Crystal palace (Rail) (Tube). Greenwich park: Greenwich (Rail).
British museum: Tottenham court road (Tube). Natural history museum: South Kensington (Tube). Science museum: South Kensington (Tube). Museum of London: St. Pauls (Tube).
National gallery: Leicester square (Tube). TATE Britain: Pimlico (Tube). Camden arts: Finchley road (Tube) (Rail). Victoria & Albert museum: South Kensington (Tube). Whitechapel gallery: Aldgate (Tube).
Piccadilly circus: Piccadilly circus (Tube). Leicester square: Leicester square (Tube). China town: Leicester square (Tube). Trafalgar square: Leicester square (Tube). Carnaby street: Oxford circus (Tube). Buckingham palace: Green park (Tube).

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