Romance on a budget

Romance on a budget

When you think of a romantic getaway I’m sure most people will have a vision of themselves sitting out on a luxury hotel balcony overlooking the Eiffel tower, watching the sun go down, and drinking champagne. This does sound great and I’m sure you or your partner would have an unforgettable experience but unfortunately so will your wallet, this will not experience a romantic getaway. Traveling has become a passion for a numerous amount of people in the past few years. In 2019 there were 1.5 billion international tourists recorded globally, so there’s a good chance you could be engraved into the good books for life with a trip like this.

There is a way to impress both your partner and your wallet, and that’s by skipping out on the Paris of the west and heading for the Paris of the east, Budapest. A lot of people will have this idea of Budapest being a rough eastern European country which only attracts budget backpackers but that certainly isn’t the case. The capital of Hungary is the spa capital of the world and also one of the cheapest cities to visit in Europe, perfect for both your partner and your wallet.

Kickstart your getaway with a tasty breakfast at Szimply Breakfast where its Parisian exterior and the cobbled stone street will fool you into thinking you really are in Paris. After you’ve been sucked into the café by the lovely smell of roasted coffee beans greeting you at the door you can relax and enjoy until you make your way to the next activity you have lined up your sleeve.

Buda Castle

Explore the streets of the city center until you arrive at the Széchenyi Chain Bridge that binds the city of Buda and Pest together. Feel the refreshing air brush against your face as you walk across the bridge and take in the amazing scenery with the likes of Margret Island or the dominating Buda Castle up ahead. As you climb up to the castle take a moment to admire the beautiful gardens before you arrive at the top and draw in the breathtaking views across to the east side of the Danube river.

Stroll through the Castle District admiring the architecture and make an appearance at Matthias Church and Fisherman’s Bastion one the most Instagramable sites in all of Hungary. Take a seat here for a bit and admire the views that are there on offer and look out for arguably the greatest pieces of Gothic architecture in Europe with the Parliament Building. Once you finished having a little daydream, head for the underground caves of Labyrinth where you and your partner will feel like you’re been dropped into an Indiana Jones movie trying to navigate through the darkness. Getting spooked out in the Dracula zone may not sound romantic but you will definitely share a laugh or two after it.

Fishermans Bastion Budapest

As the evening draws closer take a peaceful walk surrounded by nature up to the top of Gellert’s hill where you can sit back and gaze at the sunset over the city with a glass of wine. Now it’s time to head back into town and grab a bite to eat at Street Food Caravan. Yes, this hip and vibrant area is not a fancy candlelit dinner but who needs that when you have a colorful and energetic setting to enjoy your meal in! From Pizza to pasta and meat-lovers to vegans, this outlet has got something for everyone, not to mention this is beside your final stop of the evening, the quirky and must-see pub ruin that is Szimply.

Street food in Budapest

It’s day 2 and the bar is set high from yesterday, this is how you are going to beat it. Head straight to VINYL & WOOD and pick out whatever you fancy off its top-class menu. Sip away on your coffee until you need to make your way towards the City Park where you can witness great sights such as Heroes Square and Vajdahunyad Castle. Once you are done relaxing on the grass, kicking through the leaves, or kicking through the snow you will make your way to the main reason you ventured out here, the Széchenenyi Thermal Baths. No trip to Budapest nor would any romantic getaway would be complete without kicking your feet up and relaxing in a thermal bath!

A church in Budapest

Now to end with a bang. Navigate your way through the maze-like streets of the Inner City and locate the Central Market Hall. Here you can pick up fresh local products such as meat, vegetables, spices or juices and you can start to unveil your masterplan, you’re going to cook for him/her! From Batththyany station (M5), you will take a short 10-minute journey to Romaifurdo where you will find Ket Rombusz. This place is magical, surrounded by nature and a buzz in the air you can cook your own food on one of the BBQs provided for free! you maybe just 15 minutes from downtown Budapest but you will feel like you’re lost in a forest. After a delicious dinner you cooked (well hopefully) and taking in a few beers you can either call it a night or make it a late one with a bottle of wine under the stars at Elizabeth Square, my favourite square in all of Budapest.

The view of Budapest

Yes, this trip may not be your conventional romantic getaway but with the city, the food, and the activities you experience together, you will find it romantic and exciting. As an added bonus, it beats recovering from open wallet surgery from an overpriced steak in a fancy Paris neighborhood.

Szimply breakfast – 3.30 EUR x 2
Széchenyi Chain Bridget – Free
Margaret Island – Free
Buda Castle District – Free
Matthias Church – Free
Fishermans Bastion – Free
Paliment building – Free
Labyrinth – 6.80 EUR x 2
Gellerts Hill – Free
Street Food Caravan – 6.20 EUR x 2
Szimply – 1.10 (Beer) x 4
VINYL & WOOD – 3.35 EUR x 2
City Park – Free
Hero’s Square – Free
Vajdahunyad Castle – Free Courtyards.
Széchenenyi Thermal Baths – Prices start at 15.50 EUR x 2
Inner City – Free
Central Market Hall – Free entry, Food 2.50 EUR x 2
Ket Rombusz – 0.90 EUR (Beer) x 4
Elizabeth Square – Free

Return flights from London Stansted from 39.98 EUR
City Center Apartment from 12.00 EUR per night

Total trip from – 93.63 EUR x 2 = 187.26 EUR

For more information on visiting Budapest you can click the link down below


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