A locals quick guide to Irelands rebel county

A locals quick guide to Irelands rebel county

WHAT IS IT: The rebel county is a nickname given to the Cork region due to its numerous rebellions throughout its history. Its first recorded rebellion took place way back in June 1569 and its most notable rebellion was during the War of Independence in 1920. Cork is located in southern Ireland and it’s the biggest county out of the 32 throughout Ireland. It also has the second biggest city in the Republic only behind the capital Dublin although locals here believe Cork is the ‘Real Capital’ Since Lonely Planet stated “Everything good about Ireland can be found in Cork” it makes it hard to disagree with the enthusiasm of the Cork locals for their county.

Cork city


CORK AIRPORT – Irelands’ second-largest and fastest-growing airport is located just 7 km from Cork city center. The airport is well connected throughout Europe with the likes of Ryanair and Aer Lingus. Bus number 226 goes from Cork Airport to the city center which costs just 2.40 EUR and takes 20 minutes.

RINGASKIDDY FERRY TERMINAL – For those of you who do not enjoy flying or if you are planning to drive over here you can do so from Roscoff, France. The crossing will take around 20 hours and once you arrive here you can either drive 20 minutes to the city center or take bus number 223.

DUBLIN AIRPORT – For those visiting from outside Europe this will be the most convenient option for you. Dublin Airport has direct flights to many cities across America and Asia. Once you arrive here you can take the Aircoach or GoBus directly to Cork in just over 3 hours.

Shandon tower, Cork


1. SPIKE ISLAND- This was named as the best tourist attraction in Europe in 2017 beating the likes of Buckingham Palace and the Colosseum in Rome. Once you visit you will see why. This attraction has history built down to its core. It was home to a monastery, fortress, and even a prison in its 1300 year lifetime. Some of you may have seen something similar to this before as its ‘Irelands Alcatraz’.

2. THE HUGUENOT QUARTER – This historic and picturesque area is located in the heart of Cork City and it is one of my favorite places in Ireland to spend on my weekends. You can sip on a world-class coffee in one of the cozy coffee shops tucked away on the narrow streets, pop in and out of colorful stores, or spend your time at the Crawford Art Gallery for free.

3. MIZEN HEAD – Forget the Cliffs of Moher, this is the place to be for amazing cliff scenery! At Irelands most southerly point you can enjoy a mesmerizing hike along the rugged coastline, cross the famous Mizen Head Bridge and take in the jaw-dropping scenery. You could take the Cork City bus tour of Mizen head and get to see even more amazing attractions like Clonakilty town and Gougane Barra National Park.

4. BLARNEY CASTLE – This made my list of favorite castles in Europe and it’s not just the castle which dates back to the 15th-Century that I love so much, it’s the feeling of coming across an oasis in the middle of the Cork countryside. Anyone who visits here should go on a little adventure to find the hidden waterfall but not before kissing the Blarney Stone and getting the ‘Gift of the gab’.

5. KINSALE- This colorful and vibrant town located just 25 minutes from Cork City is the biggest gem in the rebel county. Here lays the land where the Spanish landed in 1601 in an attempt to gain Ireland’s freedom from Great Britain. You can learn all about this at sights such as Charles fort or Desmond castle. If that isn’t your cup of tea you can visit one of the excellent restaurants in its quirky town center.

CORK CITY GAOL – Cork city
GARNISH ISLAND – Glengarriff

Kinsale town, Ireland


TRANSPORT: Bus Eireann operates a huge number of routes from Cork City to other parts of the county including towns and villages along Irelands Ancient East and the Wild Atlantic Way. You can purchase a ticket onboard each bus or you can buy a ticket at Parnell Bus Station for bus services outside the city. Irish Rail is the only train service in the Republic of Ireland. Corks’ main train station is Kent Station which runs to Cobh and Midelton in the East and to Mallow in the north. Tickets must be bought at each station or online.

ACCOMMODATION: Unfortunately, hotels in the Republic of Ireland are not cheap. Prices here are not as expensive as they are in Dublin but budget travelers should try searching on AIR B&B for apartments in the city center. If you visit in summer this gives you the opportunity to go camping which is by far the most affordable way to sleep in Cork. If you are staying in West Cork we can highly recommend staying at Eagle Point camping near Bantry.

CLIMATE: Ireland’s climate is temperate and wet year-round. The coldest month is January with average lows of 4 degrees Celcius, its hottest month is July with average highs of 20 degrees Celcius, but no matter what the weather is like once you leave your accommodation always carry an umbrella because in Ireland you can easily experience all 4 seasons in one day.

A beach in West Cork

For more information on visiting Cork you can click on the link down below.



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