Free things to do in Dublin, Ireland

Free things to do in Dublin, Ireland

The Republic of Ireland’s capital city isn’t the cheapest city to visit, and if you are not careful you could put a dent in your wallet. Luckily some of the best things to do while you are in Dublin are completely free! Not only does it mean you can experience the best of Dublin’s food and drink scene, but you can also travel more of the world with the money you save here. Let’s take a look at the best free things to do while you are in Dublin, Ireland.

1. NATIONAL EXHIBITS – The best thing about a trip to Dublin is the fact you can find numerous exhibits for free. If these world-class museums weren’t free they could easily charge 10 EUR per adult as they’re so fascinating. For the history buffs, you can explore the National Museum of Architecture, or my favourite museum in Dublin, the Natural History Museum. Art enthusiasts can seek joy from the Irish Museum of Modern Art, Decorative Arts and History Museum, or one of the most popular museums in Dublin, the National Gallery of Ireland.

A church in Dublin, Ireland

2. PARKS – You can find parks in nearly every city in the world and they’re nearly all completely free. A lot of people might see a park as just a place to wander through at a leisurely pace, but I use it for so much more. My favorite thing to do in a park after admiring the nature is to have a picnic from foods bought from local markets. If you are feeling lazy, just order a meal to take away and eat in the outdoors. Many people like to play sports such as football or even throw around a frisbee in a park, you can do this all in parks such as the Dubh Linn Garden, St. Stephens Green, Phonix Park, which is the largest park in Europe or at the peaceful National Botanical Garden that is just north of the city.

A park in Dublin city

3. TRINITY COLLEGE – Since studying here certainly isn’t free you might want to explore the grounds and see why it’s so expensive. Take in the outstanding Neo-Classical architecture where once Samuel Beckett and Oskar Wilde walked these paths. On a warm summer day you can sit out on the College Park with a cold drink or on a cold wet winters day you can check out the Douglas Hyde Museum as it’s located on the grounds here.

the entrance to Trinity College in Dublin

4. CHESTER BEATTY LIBRARY– This gem is so much more than just a library. After catching a glimpse at the historical Dublin Castle you can walk through the doors of this library/museum/rooftop garden without paying a cent. A vast array of ancient books and scrolls can be found throughout the two-floor museum. On the roof, there is an urban oasis hidden away. In the summer you can even take part in free Qi Gong sessions here.

5. DUN LAOGHAIRE– This vibrant and energetic town is just over 11 km south of Dublin city center. There is so much to do here to keep you occupied and it is away from all the tourist traps in the city center of Dublin. Anyone who loves watersports or a dip in the sea should make sure they make an appearance here. Pop in and out of local shops along the historic main street, take a romantic walk along the harbor, or sit back and relax with a view in the Peoples Park eating ice cream.

the view of Dublin bay

For more information on visiting Dublin you can click on the link down below.


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