Halloween, prime time for dark tourists (Part 2)

Halloween, prime time for dark tourists (Part 2)


WHERE IS IT: Paris, France.

underground catacombs in Paris, France

WHY VISIT THERE: These underground ossuaries hold the remains of over 6 million people down here. The dark and narrow mazelike tunnels are lined with human remains giving for an uneasy atmosphere. Once you sense the eerie sounds of the neverending tunnels and feel the cold drafts brush against your face, you will be more than happy to latch onto your partner.


WHERE IS IT: Sagada, Philippines.

hanging coffins

WHY VISIT HERE: Just one glance at these mountains is enough to send shivers down anyone’s spine. The coffins are underneath natural overhangs and the higher up your coffin is the higher your social class was. Those who weren’t too fortunate during their lifetimes are tucked away in the limestone caves. The locals believe that the spirits will look after and protect the living.


WHERE IS IT: Vilnius, Lithuania.

Hill of crosses in Vilnius

WHY VISIT HERE: Once you walk through nature on a crisp afternoon in Vilnius, you will begin to see a very pretty hill with lots of monuments. Upon further inspection, you will notice that they’re all holy crosses. You will begin to think you’re stuck in the plot of a horror movie. Once you find out it’s one of the world’s most haunted tourist attractions you might start to think about leaving before the sun goes down.


WHERE IS IT: Philadelphia, United States.

eastern state prison

WHY VISIT HERE: Just hearing the name of this place is enough to raise the hairs on anyone’s arms. Since closing down in 1971, the prison has been widely speculated as being one of the most haunted places in the United States. During this time of the year, the penitentiary turns itself into a haunted house where adrenaline junkies come from afar to participate in scaring themself to the max. Why you may ask? I do not know.


WHERE IS IT: Brasov, Romania.

Bran castle, Romania

WHY VISIT HERE: Bran Castle is also known as Dracula’s Castle. Now unless you have been living under a rock your entire life you don’t need to be told why this is the perfect destination to spend Halloween on a cold dark evening. The bloodthirsty vampire was once believed to be locked up in this great Medieval Castle. It might be a good idea to carry some garlic with you on your journey through here.

If you haven’t already checked out part 1 with even more spooky destinations, you can do so by clicking on the link down below.

Halloween, prime time for dark tourists (Part 1)


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