The importance of travel

The importance of travel

Travel is so much more than just visiting a new part of the world and relaxing. Of course, there is nothing wrong with kicking your feet up and taking a few days away from reality. Even if people are not looking to take part in cultural activities, they still gain a lot more than just a few nice photos for Instagram. These are some of the reasons why travel is so important.

1. EDUCATE OURSELVES – Quite recently I watched an interview about how a 22-year-old Instagrammer believes we shouldn’t learn about World Wars because they’re “too intense”. After visiting many war museums throughout the world I was flustered, to say the least after hearing his comments. When discussing mental health he stated “I don’t think encouraging death or telling how many people died in a world war is going to help,” How someone believes educating themselves on historical events encourages death is a mystery to me.

You can read all the books in the world about wars and concentration camps, but you cannot empathize as much as you should without being here first hand. Being there learning about some of the horrific punishments that went on while watching families breakdown in tears looking at what remains of the victim’s belongings in the ice-cold months of winter is on another level. Traveling and visiting these places will not encourage death, it is to prevent it from happening again. “Those who do not know history are doomed to repeat it”.

2. TRAVEL BROADENS THE MIND – I often heard this phrase during my travels. It also took me quite a while to understand why travel broadens the mind. Seeing new ways of living and embracing new cultures gives you a new output on life. One of the first things I noticed was the contrasting behavior towards alcohol in Ireland and continental European countries with the likes of Italy.

I was shell shocked when I noticed you could purschase beer from Mc Donalds! In Ireland, the goal is to get as drunk as possible as quick as possible. In Italy, the concept of social drinking is much more predominant. You can have a glass of wine on your lunch break while sitting out in a park, However, back in Ireland World War 3 would break out if someone was drinking in a park.

3. ECONOMY – Travel is a major factor for all nations across the globe these days. A UN report suggests that by the end of the year we will see a drop of around 1 billion tourists, to this date over 100 million have lost jobs in the tourism sector, and stand to make a loss of 1 trillion EUR shortly! Although major cities in the world will see the highest number of jobs lost, they do stand a chance of bouncing back shortly. Smaller cities, airports, B&B’s may or may not. The more we travel, the more jobs become available to people.

4. FEEL GOOD FACTOR – Whether you’re there for relaxing on the beach, checking out museums, or looking for somewhere to party, all the stresses in life are forgotten about. Everyone needs to get away from reality at some point in their life. Just sitting down with a cold beer playing a game of cards feels much better than doing so back home. With so much chaos going on throughout people’s lives getting a good recharge might just be what the doctor ordered. This can be a huge boost to people’s mentality.


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