Make the most of your trip to the fairytale city of Prague, Czech Republic

Make the most of your trip to the fairytale city of Prague, Czech Republic

When visiting great cities around the world you may worry about missing out on the best experiences in the area. Prague is no exception. No matter how many times you visit Prague, you will always find something new and exciting to do. If this is your first time visiting you can learn how to make the most out of your journey by seeing and experiencing the best of Prague while keeping your wallet happy.


Start by making your way towards the Old Town Square where you can witness 14th-century Gothic architecture with the Church of Our Lady. Admire the Astronomical Clock on your way towards the Charles Bridge listening to street music and snapping photographs of the fantastic scenes on offer. Duck your head under the Lesser Town Bridge Tower and stop for lunch and a beer at the secret hidden café of Rosel.

Old Town Square in Prague

After refueling, make a stop at the Lennon wall & the Infant Jesus of Prague then climb up to the Prague Castle District where you will experience awe-inspiring views across the city. Here you can find sights such as St. Vitus Cathedral, Golden lane, Schwarzenburg Palace, Royal Palace, and much more.

The Prague castle district

As the sun starts to set, make sure to take photographs of the landscape and stroll towards Lokal for some excellent traditional Czech cuisine, it can be found just below the Lesser Town Bridge Tower. If you still have the energy head back into the Old Town and grab a beer at the lively Kafe Damu.


Kick start your morning with a refreshing walk along Naplavka Rasinova Nabrezi before catching your breath at Café V Lese while sipping a coffee and admiring the view of the castle in the distance. A short 15-minute walk will bring you to Vysehrad where you can take in the views down the river Vltava.

A fort in Prague city

Relax in the parks or even go underground to one of the many top-class museums that can be found here. After spending some time here, take the public ferry across to the west side of the river and make your way to Jidlena Marjanka for a cheap eat at a real local restaurant.

After resting your feet, fill up your water bottle and make your way to Petrin. Admire the nature and surroundings until you make it to the top and begin your 300 steps ascend up the Petrin Tower. Look out for the Strahov Stadium, the largest stadium on the planet!

Petrin Tower

Save your legs and catch the funicular down, then head into town for a Picnic box from Bageterie Boulevard and even grab a few beers before making your way to the top of Letna Park where you can enjoy your food with a view.


After walking quite a bit from day 1 and 2 you should ease yourself into the day with breakfast at Grand Café. When you are ready make your way towards Charles Bridge Tower and just before it, you can find Prague’s biggest hidden gem, the Colloredo Mansfeld Palace.

An abandoned palace in Prague

After taking photographs in the abandoned palace start making your way towards the Old Jewish District, but be sure to keep an eye on the time as you could spend the entire day here while shopping in markets, checking out Synagogues, or visiting the Old Jewish Cemetery.

A building in the Old Jewish District of Prague

Your feet may start to feet the strain of walking on the cobbled stoned streets, making it a perfect time for some lunch at Havelska Koruna back in the Mustek area. Spend some time visiting shops around Wenceslas Square then make your way to Vinohrady Park where you will find the Riegrovy Sady beer garden. Here you can grab a bite to eat and immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere.


Get up early and use today to explore more of this fascinating country. Although there are countless day trips you can take from Prague, including a trip to Dresden, Germany, we recommend seeking out Pilsen. With easy access from Prague Central Train Station, you can be in this charming city in just over an hour.

The view overlooking Pilsen

When you arrive, head straight for the heart of the Old Town where you will see the Cathedral of St. Bartholomew sat in the center of the Old Town Square. We highly recommend climbing to the top of the cathedral as it’s the tallest tower viewpoint in Czech. After a visit to the Great Synagogue, grab some lunch at Lekarna which has a fabulous selection of beers on tap.

A church in the Czech Republic

Once you are fueled up head to the highlight of the day at the Historic Underground of Pilsen Museum, a medieval network of underground tunnels dating back to the 14th century. When the tour has finished, hop on the train back to Prague so you can enjoy the party nightlife once more at the M1 Lounge Bar where you can end your adventure to Prague with a bang.

If you want to learn more about visiting Prague, click on the link down below.


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