Aarhus Is an Undiscovered Hidden Gem in Denmark

Aarhus Is an Undiscovered Hidden Gem in Denmark

Sometimes when you come across a city that has not been talked about, it can lead to disappointment. This might be because of the lack of things to do there, or you might struggle to find a place to enjoy a meal. When you find a city where that is not the case, you have potentially stumbled across a hidden gem.

What’s so great about a hidden gem? The lack of tourists, the fact cities keep their traditional values alive, and that you have a unique story on your hands.

Aarhus is Denmarks second-largest city. It is located on the Jutland Peninsulas’ east coast. It has a population of around 340,000, spread across over 91 km².

In 2019 the city welcomed just 780,000 tourists through its doors. During the same period, Denmark’s capital, Copenhagen, saw around 10 million visitors!

Have people not heard of Denmark’s second city? Or is Copenhagen that much more attractive to tourists?

Copenhagen is a fabulous city, but this is why Aarhus should not be overlooked.

Art gallery in Aarhus, Denmark

HIGH SEASON: June – August
SHOULDER SEASON: May & September
LOW SEASON: October – April

Aarhus is a fresh, crisp city with cafés, waterways, and many coastal features. Since so few people visit this exciting city, you will always have the freedom to do as you please. Even so, this city is no slouch with interesting attractions.

You can seek pleasure for hours at the ARoS Aarhus Art Gallery, admiring some fantastic contemporary art displays. If that’s not your cup of tea, there’s always Tivoli Amusement Park that will transform you back into a child.

A church in Aarhus city

The city center has a refreshing blend of blasts from the past and modern, stylish buildings. The city’s fun and the youthful vibes are contributed by the large student population here. But the cobblestoned streets and charming baroque-style buildings keep their traditional values alive.

As you walk along Åboulevarden, all your senses start to come alive.

You can smell the fresh air from the nearby sea mixing with the freshly brewed coffee beans in stylish coffee houses. You admire the architecture of each building that passes you by. You can even feel its youthful vibe come alive as locals take to the street to relax and enjoy themselves.

A river and houses in Aarhus

There is plenty of things to do to keep you entertained. Close by is one of the not to miss attractions in Aarhus, The Viking Museum. This snug underground museum uncovers an archaeological dig and offers many interesting facts about this fascinating period.

Just a stone’s throw away is Aarhus Cathedral, the longest and tallest in the country. Take a step around the corner, and you can find the Women’s Museum, which gives an insight into women’s lives in Denmark.

As you’re in Denmark and the Europes café capital, it would be criminal to miss out on picking up a coffee and a Danish pastry.

At SchweizerBageriet, you will experience lunch with the locals. Pick up some of the best pastries in town with a coffee that will melt your heart at affordable prices.

A busy shopping street in Aarhus, Denmark

Aarhus is more than just a pretty city. It offers locals and visitors a chance to explore the wonderful outdoors.

Take a walk along the harbor and its scenic waterfront before heading further to the famous Ballehage Beach. It’s hard to register that you’re just an hour’s walk from the city center as you swim in the ocean and look back to the beach, sheltered by trees and nature.

In the cold winter months, you can still rely on Aarhus to put a smile on your face. The smell of the winter air and the noise of the frost crackling beneath your feet are constant reminders that winter is here.

If it gets too cold outside, you can warm yourself up in some of the top-class museums such as the Moesgaard Museum and the Aros Art Museum. Later, you can take a trip to the narrow streets of the Local Quarters and warm your bones with a delicious coffee.

Apartments in Aarhus

Some cities don’t attract high tourist numbers since they don’t possess the same qualities as other popular destinations like Rome or Madrid. Some, however, have just not been discovered.

Aarhus is a city unheard of to most Europeans, never mind people from further afar. The region is hidden in the shadow of its capital Copenhagen.

But for those who want a unique journey in a city that doesn’t feel touristy, look no further than Aarhus, Denmark.

For more information on visiting Aarhus, click on the link down below.


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