Visit this EU country and bypass quarantine with a COVID-19 vaccine.

For almost a year now, travel enthusiasts have been left disappointed due to the restriction of movement and the vast array of new laws in force. Although it is 2021, it has never been so hard to go on a foreign adventure. Whether it’s a two-week quarantine, a negative PCR test, or trying to find out what’s open and the new rules of a foreign land, it has made it near impossible, or not worth travelling abroad these days.

What is now beginning to feel like years, but somehow only back in March 2020, I believed that after a 6-week lockdown and strict measures put in place, that we would return to normality by the summer months. Today in January 2021, we are still waiting for that concept to slot into place. But the day will soon come where we can follow what has become a passion for a substantial amount of people throughout the world.

After hearing the news that Romania will welcome visitors through its doors without the need to quarantine after receiving a COVID-19 vaccine, I breathe a sigh of relief in hope of these days coming to an end. It feels as if this is now the beginning of the end.

Nevertheless, just because a nation offers tourists a licence to roam free without a 14-day quarantine, it doesn’t warrant that such nation is worth spending your hard-earned cash on. Fortunately, Romania is one of the few remaining European countries which remains relatively untouched by tourists. Not only will you have the opportunity to visit an amazing country, but you will also stumble across a bit of a hidden gem.

Romania is most famous for its clifftop castles, most notably Bran castle, which is long associated with Count Dracula. You will instantly fall in love with one of the numerous medieval towns scattered throughout the Transylvanian countryside. From the jagged Carpathian Mountains to the culture hub of Bucharest you will be dazzled with marvellous landscapes and cityscapes throughout the land. This under the radar country is your own journey through a fairytale novel.


1. Bran Castle – Experience the myth of Count Dracula at Romania’s #1 tourist attraction. This amazing fortress offers visitors a fantastic spectacle and a mesmerising viewpoint for admiring the sweeping hills and countryside.

Bran Castle in Romania

2. Salina Turda – Many may know about the salt mines in Krakow, Poland, but these salt mines are one of the most impressive in the entire world! Not only is there far less tourist here, but there is also a peaceful lake which you can relax on after your visit.

The salt mines in Romania

3. Cetatea Râșnov – History buffs will be in their element as this is one of the best preserved medival landmarks in Romania. If history, castles and fortresses isnt your thing, the crisp/ fresh country air will fill your lungs and offer you breathtaking views across the land.

A fortress in Romania

4. Iron Gate National Park – Located near the border with Serbia, the 155,700-hectare park offers visitors plenty of activities to keep them entertained while remaining off the beaten track. Take a guided tour of ‘bats cave’, hike up the jagged hills or cool off with a refreshing dip in the river.

National park in Romania

5. Bucharest– In recent years, tourists have discovered the potential of this underrated, budget European capital. Wander through any one of the city’s streets and find yourself lost in a world crammed with food, drink, culture and nightlife all at your fingertips.

Bucharest city center

For more information on visiting Romania, please click the link down below.


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