Europe’s capital of valentines for 2021

For many couples, Valentine’s day is a big deal. Some may book a table in their favorite local restaurant. Some may sit in front of the fire and watch a movie, while others might go on a romantic getaway. Paris, Rome, and Santorini are some of the most popular European destinations that come to mind. Unfortunately, due to certain circumstances, many of these wonderful locations are off-limits for those hoping for a few relaxing days away.

One of the main factors when considering a valentines getaway is relaxation. Stress is the keyword you want to avoid, and because of new restrictions and measurements in place today, you might just get feel it before you even book a flight. Researching what countries are accepting tourists, what countries require quarantines, and what countries do not remain in a lockdown can instantly dampen your excitement if you need to start researching from scratch.

Some countries are entirely off-limits to tourists such as Hungary and Denmark. Some countries have partial or selective quarantine requirements on arrival such as Croatia and Montenegro. Other European countries such as Serbia, Turkey, Ukraine, and Malta have no mandatory quarantine requirements on arrival. Although parts of Turkey and Serbia are wonderful and romantic, they’re not as convenient to reach as Malta and Ukraine.

Ukraine is an amazing country. It’s off the beaten track and full to the brim with hidden gems. But visiting this nation during the cold gloomy month of February may not be as romantic as a small sun-kissed island sitting nicely in the Mediterranean sea. Mix average highs of 16 degrees and an island covered with character, charm, and history, and you got yourself a recipe for a valentines getaway.

A map of Malta

Malta may only have a population of around 503,000 inhabitants and cover an area of just 316 km², but depending on what you hoping to get out of your adventure here, you might want to do a little research on the island. Below you can find out which region of Malta is best suited for your needs. Don’t worry too much as the island is so small you can jump on a bus and visit and part of the nation in under 2 hours.


Main towns/cities

1. Valletta – Capital city, History, Food.
2. St. Julians – Nightlife, Shopping.
3. Sliema – Boat tours, Food, On a budget.

The harbor in Valletta, Malta

Malta’s East coast is for those who enjoy built-up areas, amazing nightlife, eating out, and getting lost in history. Indulge yourself In Malta’s capital city, Valletta, and admire the painstakingly beautiful architecture in the old town during the day, then dive into an alcohol-fuelled night at Malta’s nightlife capital, Paceville.


Main towns/villages

1. Marsaxlokk – Culture, Boat tours, Markets.
2. Marsaskala – Off the beaten track, Laidback.

A country road in south Malta

The South coast of Malta feels as if it’s still stuck in the 19th century. If you’re looking to experience a unique and laid-back part of Europe, this will suit you down to the ground. With amazing Arabic architecture and exotic cactus trees scattered throughout the towns, villages, and countryside, you get the impression you’ve been dropped into Northern Africa.


Main towns/villages

1. Mdina – Architecture, History, Hidden gems
2. Rabat – History, Off the beaten track, Scenery.

The village of Mdina in Malta

Visiting the central and western regions of the island feels as if you’re on a Victorian expedition. The sleepy villages and the rolling hills mixed with the smell of fresh air and well-preserved historical landmarks feels like a lost world. This is the least explored area of Malta but remains to be arguably the most beautiful.


Main towns/villages

1. Bugibba – Beaches, Resorts, Views.
2. Mellieha – Food, On a budget, Beaches.

The seaside town of Bugibba in Malta

Malta’s north coast is a prime location for holiday fun. Walks along the coast, relaxing on sandy beaches, water sports, museums, boat tours, the north coast has the lot. Many people look towards Mellieha for their budget price villas, while those looking for a resort head to the vibrant town of Bugibba.


1. Victoria – History, Food, Hidden gem.
2. Comino – Watersports, Scenery, Off the beaten track.

The rural island of Gozo, Malta

Gozo and Comino are two out of the three islands of Malta. From Cirkewwa harbor on the main island of Malta, you can take a ferry across to either one of these islands. Although both islands are extremely rural, you should visit the island of Gozo if you don’t want to feel like you’re completely cut off from society. If you’re looking for complete peace of tranquillity, Comino is for you.

For more information on visit Malta, click of the link down below.


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3 thoughts on “Europe’s capital of valentines for 2021

  1. I know Ukraine quite well but I still have to discover Malta 🙂 I’ve seen a lot of great photos, it must be amazing to go 🙂 stay safe and greetings from Portugal, PedroL

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