Looking for a unique Summer holiday? Try Sopot, Poland

More and more people these days have given up on the traditional Summer Holiday. You know the one sitting by the pool in a 3-star resort along the Costa Del Sol. People want to explore new and exciting destinations. This will ultimately lead to a decline in overtourism and help smaller cities and local businesses with a tourism boom. It was only in the last decade where people would have called you mad if you visited nations such as Croatia or Turkey. But these days, those countries are seen as trendy holiday destinations. So if you want to visit an up-and-coming destination before it gets widely discovered, visit Sopot, Poland, now.

The pier in Sopot
Sopot pier

Sopot is a city on the Baltic Sea in northern Poland. Its sandwiched between its neighboring cities Gdynia and Gdańsk, it forms the so-called Tri-City metropolitan area. The small city has a population of around 40,000 inhabitants spread across 17.5 acres of land. It is mostly known for its large wooden pier that stretches 515 meters out into the Bay of Gdansk, making it the largest in Europe. Although this city, like the rest of Poland, has suffered a blood-soaked past, it now serves as a vibrant cultural hub with an upbeat personality.

The view out to the Baltic Sea in Poland
The view out to the Baltic Sea

The main street in Sopot is Bohaterów Monte Cassino Street. This pedestrian zone is lined with bars, cafés, and restaurants which all contribute to its wonderful carefree atmosphere. Along the same street is St. Georges Church, where you can admire its special Gothic Revival architecture inside and out. Towards the east end of the street is one of Sopot’s most visited sights, the mind-boggling Krzywy Domek. Since this is a popular hit with tourists, there is quite often a bottleneck on this part of the street. Especially during the peak summer months.

The main square in Sopot
Skwer Kuracyjny

Along Sopot’s coastline is the city’s beating heart. The Skwer Kuracyjny is a large square with an open-air market directly beside the beach. This busy and exciting market has everything from local handmade crafts to tourist souviners. Overlooking this square is one of the not to miss attractions of Sopot. Climb the Sopot Lighthouse and view the city and sea sprawling across the Polish coastline. After you return to ground level, all it takes is a hop, skip, and a jump, and you’re on Sopot beach. The golden sand stretches as far as the eye can see. And when you’re ready for a refreshing dip, plunge yourself into the cold waters of the Baltic Sea.

The lighthouse in Sopot, Poland
The Sopot lighthouse

Although there is a great nightlife scene here, it cannot compare to the bustling city of Gdansk. A train journey from Sopot to Gdansk takes just 12 minutes. It is also worth noting that there’s a nightly bus service that goes to and from Gdansk.

While in Gdansk, you must experience some Polish cuisine. We highly recommend dining at Prya Bar. This restaurant serves a wide range of local delicacies from potato casseroles, to meat dumplings at affordable prices. There are numerous bars dotted around the city center, but if you are looking for a vodka-fueled night, you better check out Bunkier Club. This is one of the most popular clubs in town. It’s popular because of its cheap drinks and lively music.

The city center of Gdansk, Poland
Gdansk City Centre

Sopot is a city popular with Polish nationals in the Summer months but remains to be discovered by foreign tourists. This is a fun, exciting, and budget friendly city that provides a new alternative to the Summer holidays that we know. For more information on Sopot, you can click on the link down below.

Sopot beach
Sopot beach

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