Why Poznan is the ‘Modern Tourist’ Summer holiday destination

Everyone’s idea of a summer holiday is entirely different, but we all have a stereotypical idea of what it is. We have an image of us balming out along the beach across the sun-kissed region of Algarve or relaxing by the pool in an all-inclusive resort in one of the ‘exotic’ Canary islands. There are plenty of upsides to a getaway in the sun like this. There are numerous tourist attractions, the weather is excellent, It’s extremely convenient for families, and the list goes on and on.

Spanish holiday resort
A Spanish holiday resort

There are also a few drawbacks to a holiday like this, especially for the ‘modern-day’ tourist. ‘Modern-day’ tourists tend to be drawn towards exploring new and exotic lands, sustainable travel, and experiencing new and unique cultures. Our stereotypical scheme of a summer holiday is not up to a standard of a ‘modern-day’ tourist. We know that every year over 300,000 people use Europe’s interrail service, a budget service that helps tourists explore 33 countries throughout Europe.

A train in Europe
European train

Using some of the points about ‘modern tourists’ mentioned above, we can all conclude that drinks around the pool in sunny Spain are a thing of the past. But what if backpacking through Europe and visiting historical landmarks are not what they’re looking for right now. What if they still want to back sustainable travel, explore new regions of the world, and have a unique story to tell about their summer when they get back home. Should they give in and book the cheapest travel deal in Benidorm? No, because this is the solution.


Lake Malta in Poznan
Lake Malta


Lake Malta, known also as the Maltański Reservoir, is an artificial lake in Poznań, Poland. It was formed in 1952 as a result of the damming of the Cybina River. It is about 2.2 km long, which makes the lake the biggest man-made lake in the city. The water is 3.1 m deep on average with a maximum of about 5 meters.


This is the ideal setting for the ‘modern-day’ tourist. The lake is off the beaten track. In fact, you will find very few foreign tourists here. On the lake, you can take part in plenty of watersports such as kayaking, sailing, or you can take a refreshing dip in the lukewarm waters. Along the shores running and cycling are popular activities. Adjacent to the lake, there’s are countless activities for those of all ages. A waterpark, a ski slope, an adventure park, an art museum, a zoo, and hidden deep in the surrounding woods, an amazing historical fort!

Ski slope in Lake Malta, Poznan
Ski slope in Lake Malta

If the diverse number of activities above doesn’t cover all your needs, then Lake Malta still has a trick up its sleeve. Only 2.5 km away, you will find the gorgeous old town of Poznan, a city that still to this day flies under the radar of tourists. After falling in love with the exquisite architecture at the Old Town Square, you’ll have the chance to explore the Medieval cobblestone streets for some delicious Polish cuisine. Once you discover how budget-friendly the city is, you’ll be fast on your feet to explore some of Poznan’s top attractions. Some of which include The Imperial Castle, Park Citadel, and Cathedral Island.

Old Town Square in Poznan, Poland
Poznan Old Town


The typical summer holiday would result in sleeping in a large resort, with an average pool with many sunbeds (although none are free) and plain or below-par food and drinks. Here you can stay in your very own bungalow, a massive lake just outside your front door, space to lay on the grass, and your very own BBQ facilities! Sit by the lake, cook fresh products that you handpicked from local markets and wash them down with an extremely cheap but refreshing bottle of local beer. Where is this oasis? At Hotel Camping Malta. For more information, click on the link down below.

A campsite in Poznan
Hotel Camping Malta

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