Explore Beyond Dublin City and Visit Killiney Hill Park

Explore Beyond Dublin City and Visit Killiney Hill Park

Each year, Ireland receives around 9.5 million tourists. Most tourists visit Ireland’s largest city, Dublin.

During the busy Summer months, Dublin can sometimes feel a bit like London or Paris because of the large crowds of tourists.

For a capital city, Dublin is relatively small. Most tourist attractions are located in the city centre, which can sometimes cause huge bottlenecks along the already busy streets. Since nobody likes brushing shoulders with one another, a trip to the countryside may just be what’s needed.

The river Liffey in Dublin City
Dublin City

Getting From Dublin City to Killiney Hill Park

Connelly Station is just a 10-minute walk from Dublin City Centre. From here, take the train (DART) towards Bray Daly. This scenic train journey travels along Ireland’s east coast and takes around 30 minutes.

Exit at Dalkey Station, and after a short 10-minute walk, you’ll be at the beginning of Killiney Hill Park.

Dalkey Town, Dublin

Before ascending into nature, spend some time discovering this little seaside town. Dalkey is a historical place with many beautiful buildings scattered throughout the village. It was founded by Vikings and was an active port in the Middle Ages.

Today, locals flock to the area for its charming cafés, outdoor activities, or Sunday lunch. It’s also good to pick up some food and drink here to take up the hills ahead.

Dalkey Town in Dublin
Dalkey Town

The Journey Through Killiney Hill Park

From the moment you arrive, you’re blessed with the smell of fresh air and the sound of the birds chirping.

The start of the walk is the most photogenic section of the park. Adrenaline junkies climb up the exposed rocks from the towering cliffs’ sides while you remain surrounded by Ireland’s rugged nature.

As you look out to sea, you can spot boats and ferries crossing the Irish Sea. In the foreground, you can see Dublin’s sprawling city and Dun Laoghaire’s famous harbour.

A view towards Dublin and the Irish sea
View towards Dublin and the Irish Sea

Luckily, the steepest part of the climb comes while you still have energy. Step by step, you begin to see more and more of Dublin’s landscape. After a few minutes of hard work, you’ll reach the summit. You’ll know you’re here when you come across what seems to be an abandoned lookout tower.

Now at one of the highest peaks of the journey, from just a swivel of the neck, you can see the contrast between Dublin’s urban sprawl and Wicklow’s rural countryside.

A historical lookout tower in Ireland
A historical lookout tower

As you make your way through winding paths, sheltered by trees, you eventually come to the point that everyone has come to see, The Obelisk. At this point, you are standing around 150 meters above sea level.

As you look south, you can see Bray’s Head. If you look straight out to sea on a clear day, you can even see the mountains of Wales. This is a perfect setting for a picnic, as there is plenty of space to lay on the grass and numerous benches facing the sea.

Then, it’s just downhill to complete a loop and finish where you began.

A view towards the Wicklow Mountains
A view of Wicklow

More Information About Visiting Ireland

Ireland is known for its craggy coastline and lush green landscape. So if you want to experience Ireland as a local and not as a tourist, step out of the cities, avoid the tourist traps, and get to Killiney Hill Park. For more information on visiting Ireland, click on the link below.



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