Italy’s A4 Hidden Gem Travel Route

Italy’s A4 Hidden Gem Travel Route

Everyone is familiar with the beautiful region of northern Italy. A strip of land sandwiched between the Alps mountain range and the balmy Mediterranean Sea.

Historical cities such as Turin, Milan, Verona, and Venice are scattered across the famous regions of Piemonte, Lombardy, and Veneto. Herds of tourists flock to these fabulous cities while stopping off for a refreshing dip at the famous Lake Garda.

Numerous tourists visit these cities in one trip, and why would you not? They’re close to one another, directly linked through the same railway line, and connected through the A4 Autostrada.

A map of Italy's A4 Autostrada
A map of the A4 Autostrada

But these days, lesser-known cities promote themselves more to entice tourists through their gates. This is great for modern-day tourists.

Many thrive on seeking out hidden gems and exploring new territories. That’s why this hidden gem trail is so enticing for tourists.

Travel along the same route, but instead of falling into the dark pit of over-tourism, explore new and exciting cities before everyone else! Indulge in the Italian lifestyle and culture and save quite a bit of your hard-earned cash.

Let’s find out what this new ‘Hidden gem trail’ is all about.

Novaro, Piedmont

Novara is the capital city of its province in the Piedmont region in northwest Italy, to the west of Milan. It spans an area of 103 km².

With 104,268 inhabitants, it is the second-most populous city in Piedmont after Turin.

Novara sees average highs of 29° celsius in July. In January, the region sees average lows of just -2° celsius.

A view overlooking Novara city in Italy
A view overlooking Novara

Once you step foot in Novara, you get the impression of a smaller and calmer version of Turin.

The snow-covered Alp mountain range is in the background. The pale colours of the building in the middle ground. Finally, the stone-paved streets are in the foreground. This is the town’s character and charm.

Although the unique atmosphere throughout the city is fantastic, there is something even more impressive, the Italian cuisine. There are no tourist scams or traps. It’s all authentic Italian meals.

For more information on visiting Novara, click on the link down below.

Monza, Lombardy

Monza is a city just northeast of Milan, in northern Italy. It has a population of around 123,000 inhabitants and sprawls across an area of 33 km².

In July, Monza sees average highs of 30° celsius. January is its coldest month, with average lows of 2° celsius.

All Formula 1 supporters will be well aware of this city. In 1922 the Autodromo Nazionale di Monza was built in the suburbs of the town.

The Monza Cathedral in Italy
Monza Cathedral

Monza is Milan’s little brother. The city is a scaled-down version of Milan. It even has its own smaller version of the iconic Milan Cathedral.

Get lost in the historic streets and witness some of Europe’s greatest neoclassical architecture, and picture-perfect squares, and indulge in its food and drink scene.

If peace and tranquillity are what you are after, then head to the 688 hectares of Parco di Monza.

For more information on visiting Monza, click on the link down below.

Brescia, Lombardy

Brescia is a small city in the northern Italian region of Lombardy. The city has a population of just under 200,000 inhabitants, spread across an area of 90.3 km².

Brescia’s hottest month is July, with average highs of 29° celsius. Its coldest month is January, with average lows of just -2° celsius.

A view overlooking the city of Brescia
A view overlooking Brescia

Countless tourists bypass this wonderful city, while only a handful stay and visit. If you come to experience Italian culture, look no further than Brescia.

This is a classical Italian city with a typical Italian attitude. It will make perfect sense when sipping a local coffee in the charming Piazza Della Loggia. There are no crowds of tourists, no hustle and bustle, but still a beautiful spectacle.

For more information on visiting Brescia, click on the link down below.

Padua, Veneto

The main square in Padua, Italy
Padua main square

Padua is known for the frescoes by Giotto in the Scrovegni Chapel from the 13th century.

Inside the historic walls, it feels like a different world compared to its close-by neighbour of Venice. A standout example is the high student population filling up the seats of stylish cafes housed in medieval buildings.

For more information on visiting Padua, click on the link down below.

Treviso, Veneto

Treviso is a city in northeastern Italy with many canals. The city has an area of 55.5 km² and a population of just 84,000 inhabitants.

Unlike every destination on this route, Treviso’s warmest month is August, with average highs of 29°. Its coldest month is January, with average lows of -1° celsius.

A quiet canal in Treviso city
A canal in Treviso

As we all know, Venice is suffering from chronic over-tourism. Treviso is the key to fixing that.

Venice is famed all over the world for its canals and waterways. Well, Treviso has canals and waterways too. In fact, Treviso has ones that are just as beautiful as the ones in Venice and are free from large groups of tourists.

Once you finish exploring this stunning city, you can always take a day trip to Venice by train.

For more information on visiting Treviso, click on the link down below.

If you wish to encounter traditional Italian cities without tourists, travel this hidden gem route. Not only will you be experiencing Italy’s true cultures and flavours, but you’ll be assisting smaller businesses and saving a lot of cash.

For more information on visiting Italy, click on the link down below.


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