Why Sibiu, Romania Is One of the Best Hidden Gem Travel Destinations in Europe

Sibiu travel guide

Hidden gem travel destinations are one of the hottest travel trends in 2022. And as the global pandemic finally ends, more people than ever are planning to take a trip and get off the beaten path.

Within this hidden gem, you can find Sibiu. A jewel in the crown for anyone looking to get off the beaten track.

And if you want to discover why Sibiu should be high on your travel list, keep reading until the end!

Sibiu’s Fairytale Upper Town

A clock tower in Sibiu Old Town

Sibiu dates back to the 12 century, and the Upper Town seems stuck in this medieval period. 

The cobblestone lanes are lined with colorful, cozy stores. And each step you take along the pretty streets is watched by the Eyes of Sibiu. 

You’ll feel most exposed to the eyes in the Lesser Square. Although it’s a controversial name, this square is arguably the most picture-perfect urban area in the state. Here, you can cross the Bridge Of Lies and admire the Lutheran Church of St. Mary before making you’re way down the Stairs Passage and into the Lower Town.

But first, you must climb the 13th-century Council Tower to take in its beauty from above. Along with the Large Square, Terracotta tiled roofs and The Carpathian Mountains lurking in the distance.

The Best of Romania’s Food Scene

A café in Sibiu, Romania

We usually don’t think of Romania as having a delicious food scene. But the reality is Romania has some fantastic food dishes, and diving into its flavors is a hidden gem activity.

So, where’s the best place to sample the flavors of this Eastern European melting pot?

Sibiu, of course!

The compact city center has a wide range of food options. 

For quick and cheap eats in Sibiu, head to Strada Nicolae Bălcescu. This busy street extends from the Large Square and has plenty of street food stalls where you can pick up a slice of pizza or Gogosi, a local delicacy. 

It’s fried dough with anything from chocolate to ham and cheese inside. At Gogoseria Veche, you can pick up one of these filling treats for as little as 4 RON! (0.80 EUR)

The Large and Lesser Squares are the places to experience high-quality meals at affordable prices. 

Usually, I wouldn’t recommend eating in a city’s main square. But because Sibiu is off the beaten path, there aren’t tourist scam restaurants here.

If you only have time to visit one restaurant, check out La Taifas!

Sibiu’s Budget-Friendly Prices

The costs of a city should always be one of your number one priorities on any trip. The cheaper a region, the more you can explore, eat, drink, and visit museums, and the more money you can put towards your travels in the future.

Luckily, every aspect of traveling to Sibiu is very affordable. From food to drinks and from accommodation to attractions, it’s hard to spend your money here.

The biggest spender on any trip is accommodation. In Sibiu, you can find apartments for only 20 EUR a night! Those looking for the cheapest rooms should search around The Lesser Town.

You can find meals in a mid-range restaurant for around 8 EUR. And beer lovers will be glad to know that you can find pints for under 2 EUR throughout the city. 

A one-way ticket on public transport is 9 LEI (1.80 EUR). Trains are cheap in Romania, and you can take a 170km journey north to Cluj for as little as 30 LEI (6.05 EUR).

Sibiu’s Relaxed Atmosphere

A park with the Old City Walls in Sibiu

To be clear, Sibiu has a relaxed atmosphere, but it’s far from dull!

The streets are lively, and bars are flowing. But nobody ever seems to be in a rush. The city almost encourages you to sit in a cafe. And people watch for hours. 

Citadela Park is the best place to soak up the city’s atmosphere and admire arguably the most picturesque part of town. This walkway along the medieval walls has a park, historical towers, cute eateries, and views of the snowcapped mountains. Locals come here with a takeaway lunch and a coffee.

Visit Sibiu, One of the Best Hidden Gems in Europe!

By now, I’m sure you’re convinced that Sibiu might be Europe’s best-kept secret. And now that you know about this hidden gem in Romania, it’s time to start planning your trip!


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