A Photo Journey Through Szentendre, Hungary

A travel guide to Szentendre, Hungary
The Main Square in Szentendre, Hungary
Traditional shops in Szentendre
A church near Budapest
The river through Szentendre
Restaurants in Szentendre
An ice cream store in Szentendre
A colorful street in Szentendre
The Danube River flowing through Szentendre, Hungary
The cityscape of Szentendre
A colorful street in Szentendre
A narrow street in Szentendre
A narrow lane in the city center of Szentendre, Budapest
The Square in Szentendre during summer
Pubs and cafes in Szentendre

Travel Hungary

“Taking a Trip Back in Time to The Middle Ages”

Szentendre is a calm and colorful city that comes alive during the warm summer months. Even though it’s only a 50-minute train journey from Budapest, it’s a completely different world to its bustling neighbor.

Budapest is home to towering buildings, grand designs, and a labyrinth of busy streets. A perfect reminder that we’re living in the 21st century.

In Szentendre, you’ll find the exact opposite. A charming medieval town with cobblestone streets as if you’re taking a trip back in time to the middle ages.

From the walk to the train station to the Main Square, you’re sandwiched by tasty cafes and restaurants on either side of you. Once you reach Main Square, you’re met with a picture-perfect setting. An open space surrounded by vibrant stores and locals meeting for food or drinks.

The further you walk, the more cozy stores you’ll come across selling gelato and local souvenirs, including palinka. The best thing to do in Szentendre is get lost. Walk aimlessly, and you’ll come across landmarks such as Iglesia Ortodoxa Servia de Belgrado and The Reto Museum.

When lunchtime comes, head to one of the many shops selling langos. Order for takeaway and eat it with a view along the Danube River.


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