New Years Eve, St. Petersburg.

A 23 year old Irish international with a passion for travelling and experiencing new ways of life!

My love of travel began at a very young age at around 13 or 14. My family are huge football fans, and we travelled from Ireland to London for matches on a regular basis. As I grew up and seen how great London was, I was keen to start seeing more of the world, so that’s what I began doing.

I wish I knew what I know now when I started traveling. I missed out on lots of great experiences while I was in some amazing cities that I might not get the chance to go to ever again. With this website, I hope I can pass on some of my experience in traveling to you so you don’t miss out on things as I did. I would also like to try to share with you some money saving tips while in different countries so you get to explore more of the world.

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