An original, budget friendly and less touristy interail route

In recent years, Europe has become a haven for backpackers from all across the globe. Its budget-friendly cities, trendy neighbourhoods and reliability & safety are key reasons why around 538 million people arrive in Europe each year. There are numerous ways to travel through its 10.18 million km² of land. Budget airline Ryanair and European bus serviceContinue reading “An original, budget friendly and less touristy interail route”

A journey to the Northern Lights in Lapland

An aurora is often referred to as northern or southern lights. It’s a natural light display in the Earth’s sky. This magical experience is predominantly seen in high-latitude regions. Auroras are the result of disturbances in the magnetosphere caused by the solar wind. Visiting such a phenomenon is a common experience on people’s bucket lists.Continue reading “A journey to the Northern Lights in Lapland”

Italy’s A4 hidden travel route

We’re all familiar with the beautiful region of northern Italy. A strip of land sandwiched between the Alps mountain range and the balmy Mediterranean Sea. Historical cities such as Turin, Milan, Verona, and Venice are scattered across the famous regions of Piemonte, Lombardy, and Veneto. Herds of tourists flock to these fabulous cities while stoppingContinue reading “Italy’s A4 hidden travel route”

The Soviet Express – The hidden gem route

The Soviet Union, officially the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, was a federal socialist state in Northern Eurasia that existed from 1922 to 1991. It was a state which consisted of 15 countries throughout eastern Europe and western Asia. Soviet architecture may not be as easy on the eye as Renaissance architecture that can beContinue reading “The Soviet Express – The hidden gem route”

The WinterSun trail

Traveling in winter offers a lot of incentives. Some of these include a huge reduction in hotel prices, the lack of large tourist groups gathering on the streets, and skipping the intense heat of the summer months. Although these are very good reasons to travel in winter, some people are still put off by theContinue reading “The WinterSun trail”

WinterRail Ireland

Many people choose to go interrailing in the hot summer months. There are many pros to traveling this time of the year, but there are also quite a few cons. For example, hotels prices can be double the price of winter, cities are packed with tourists, and the intense heat can be a bit overwhelming.Continue reading “WinterRail Ireland”

Ireland’s Orient Express

There are a few things that need to be addressed before we start. First of all Irelands Orient Express is not a train journey, it’s a bus journey. Second of all, it doesn’t serve fancy meals and have an exquisite interior. Finally, it doesn’t span 2,000 kilometers across Europe, stretching from Paris to Constantinople (Istanbul).Continue reading “Ireland’s Orient Express”

The Beara Way, Ireland’s hidden gem

WHAT IS IT? The Beara Way is a 206-kilometer tourist trail that loops around West Cork and parts of Kerry. The hike typically takes 9 days to complete. Along the way, you will experience the rugged mountainous countryside, historical sites, and the crashing waves of the Atlantic Ocean along the southern Irish coastline. This isContinue reading “The Beara Way, Ireland’s hidden gem”

The budget Siberian Express

Imagine zooming through snow-white Baltic countryside while sipping on a hot Chocolate and kicking your feet up. You snap up photos of mountains either side of you that’s concealed under a blanket of snow while you listen to the snowflakes gently fall against your window. Yes, this does sound like the plot to The PolarContinue reading “The budget Siberian Express”

A locals Guide to Irelands Ancient East

WHAT IS IT?: Irelands Ancient East is a region in Ireland where you can find Irelands most sought after historical landmarks such as Spike Island and Dublin castle. It includes 16 Irish counties stretching from Monaghan in the north to Cork in the south. While you are here you can learn about the fascinating historyContinue reading “A locals Guide to Irelands Ancient East”

A Locals Guide to Irelands Wild Atlantic Way

WHAT IS IT?: The Wild Atlantic Way is a tourism trail around the west of Ireland which spans 2,500 km from Donegal in the north to Cork in the south. Along the way, you will find stunning Irish countryside, quirky traditional villages, and historic Irish landmarks. You will also be able to take in activitiesContinue reading “A Locals Guide to Irelands Wild Atlantic Way”