Is London the most underrated budget destination?

When we think of budget destinations, we usually look towards eastern European countries such as Poland or Romania. We largely overlook western European cities and countries, especially in the United Kingdom. From the outside, London might seem like a costly experience, and you might be right. The city has astronomical taxi fares, a lavish diningContinue reading “Is London the most underrated budget destination?”

The budget Siberian Express

Imagine zooming through snow-white Baltic countryside while sipping on a hot Chocolate and kicking your feet up. You snap up photos of mountains either side of you that’s concealed under a blanket of snow while you listen to the snowflakes gently fall against your window. Yes, this does sound like the plot to The PolarContinue reading “The budget Siberian Express”

Christmas on a budget

You either love or hate Christmas. Some people love the crisp winter air, the streets glowing with decorations and the buzzing atmosphere around the towns and cities. Others might see it as stressful picking out presents, spending huge amounts of cash, and getting trampled on by customers in busy shops. Money can be a problemContinue reading “Christmas on a budget”

Free things to do in Dublin, Ireland

The Republic of Ireland’s capital city isn’t the cheapest city to visit, and if you are not careful you could put a dent in your wallet. Luckily some of the best things to do while you are in Dublin are completely free! Not only does it mean you can experience the best of Dublin’s foodContinue reading “Free things to do in Dublin, Ireland”

Romance on a budget

When you think of a romantic getaway I’m sure most people will have a vision of themselves sitting out on a luxury hotel balcony overlooking the Eiffel tower, watching the sun go down, and drinking champagne. This does sound great and I’m sure you or your partner would have an unforgettable experience but unfortunately soContinue reading “Romance on a budget”

Free things to do in St. Petersburg, Russia

1. PETER AND PAUL FORTRESS – This is one of my favorite things to do while in St. Petersburg and it’s completely free. Once a prison for political criminals, now serves as a museum for the public. As you walk over Loannovskiovskiy Bridge and head through a narrow entrance in the red brick wall surroundingContinue reading “Free things to do in St. Petersburg, Russia”

How to spend 24 hours in Belfast on a budget

MORNINGHead to The Bridge House for a tasty breakfast at possibly the cheapest restaurant in Belfast. This is a convenient starting point as it’s on your way to your first attraction. Just a 15-minute walk down the road you will come to The Ulster Museum. Here you can find history and art from all 4Continue reading “How to spend 24 hours in Belfast on a budget”

Free things to do in Kraków, Poland

1. KAZIMIERZ – This trendy neighborhood is the Old Jewish District of Kraków that was created around the 14th-century. It’s only a 15-minute walk from the Old Town Square and you can find amazing markets, galleries, quirky cafés, and vintage clothing stores here. You could easily spend half a day here visiting sights such asContinue reading “Free things to do in Kraków, Poland”

Free things to do in London, England

1. Markets – London markets are up there as a must-see attraction on a trip to the ‘Big Smoke’. One of the best reasons to visit these is due to the fact they are completely free to enter. Obviously, you cannot purchase anything for free but to experience the smells, the atmosphere and the buzzContinue reading “Free things to do in London, England”

5 cheap eats in Prague

5. HAVELSKA KORUNA – This is one of the cheapest places in all of Prague for a hot meal. Locals come to eat here on their lunch breaks for its extremely low prices along with its central location just 50 meters from the busy Wenceslas Square. If you are looking to eat with the localsContinue reading “5 cheap eats in Prague”

The cheapest cities to visit in Europe

5. Porto – This is the only western European city to feature on this list. Portugal is a fabulous country in itself, but Porto is the city that we believe offers its best value for money. Regular coffee: 1.54 Euro Metro ticket: 1.30 Euro Domestic beer: 2.00 Euro Meal at a reasonably priced restaurant: 7.00Continue reading “The cheapest cities to visit in Europe”