A quick guide to Lake Garda

WHAT IS IT?: Lake Garda is a lake known for its crystal clear waters that stretches nearly 52 km across northern Italy, sandwiched between Milan and Venice. It is a popular tourist destination, especially during the Summer months. Many people choose to stay here for its luxury resorts, watersports, or beautiful scenery. Some of theContinue reading “A quick guide to Lake Garda”

My favorite cities of 2020

5. WARSAW – This is one of the only capital cities in Europe where it doesn’t get as much attention from tourists as other cities in its country. Warsaw is a bit of a hidden gem when you compare it to other cities such as Kraków and Gdansk. The great thing about Warsaw is thatContinue reading “My favorite cities of 2020”

A locals Guide to Irelands Ancient East

WHAT IS IT?: Irelands Ancient East is a region in Ireland where you can find Irelands most sought after historical landmarks such as Spike Island and Dublin castle. It includes 16 Irish counties stretching from Monaghan in the north to Cork in the south. While you are here you can learn about the fascinating historyContinue reading “A locals Guide to Irelands Ancient East”

A Locals Guide to Irelands Wild Atlantic Way

WHAT IS IT?: The Wild Atlantic Way is a tourism trail around the west of Ireland which spans 2,500 km from Donegal in the north to Cork in the south. Along the way, you will find stunning Irish countryside, quirky traditional villages, and historic Irish landmarks. You will also be able to take in activitiesContinue reading “A Locals Guide to Irelands Wild Atlantic Way”

Best cities to visit in November 2020

5. SALZBURG – Austria officially reopened its borders to tourism on the 16th of June 2020, but foreign nationalists were required to quarantine on arrival. Now, there’s no need to quarantine if you are visiting from 31 approved EU countries. Countries that are not included on the list are Spain, Portugal, the UK, and Sweden,Continue reading “Best cities to visit in November 2020”

The best second cities to visit in Europe

10. Antwerp – Belgium’s capital of cool known as the city of diamonds is located in the Flemish region of Belgium. The old city formed by the 16th Century fortifications has many narrow, winding streets with beautiful old gothic buildings. The city centre is dominated by magnificent stone steeples and its medieval house museum. AntwerpContinue reading “The best second cities to visit in Europe”

The cheapest cities to visit in Europe

5. Porto – This is the only western European city to feature on this list. Portugal is a fabulous country in itself, but Porto is the city that we believe offers its best value for money. Regular coffee: 1.54 Euro Metro ticket: 1.30 Euro Domestic beer: 2.00 Euro Meal at a reasonably priced restaurant: 7.00Continue reading “The cheapest cities to visit in Europe”

Best European winter destinations

5. Tallinn – It’s as if you stepped foot into a Disney movie with the snow drizzling, the magical walled city, and the cobbled stone streets of the Old Town. The Christmas market which is held in the Main Market Square is one of the most photogenic locations across all of Europe. You made alsoContinue reading “Best European winter destinations”

Best European cities to visit in September 2020

5. Bratislava – According to the Office of National Statistics, Slovakia is among the top 10 safest places to visit in this ongoing pandemic. Bratislava’s charming 18th-century town is known for its lively bars, restaurants, and pedestrian-only streets. Visiting here also puts you in a great position to explore cities such as Budapest, Vienna, orContinue reading “Best European cities to visit in September 2020”