Visit this EU country and bypass quarantine with a COVID-19 vaccine.

For almost a year now, travel enthusiasts have been left disappointed due to the restriction of movement and the vast array of new laws in force. Although it is 2021, it has never been so hard to go on a foreign adventure. Whether it’s a two-week quarantine, a negative PCR test, or trying to findContinue reading “Visit this EU country and bypass quarantine with a COVID-19 vaccine.”

Update On European Travel

On the 13th of October 2020, EU member states came to an agreement on how travel in Europe should move forward in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic. A new ‘Traffic Light System’ has been put in place where countries will fall in the green, orange, or red category but every state will decide their ownContinue reading “Update On European Travel”

The Notre Dame will be restored to its original design

On April 15th, 2019, at around 18:20, the iconic and much loved Notre Dame was stuck with fire and ultimately crumbled to the ground. As hard as it was to take any positives from such a tragic event, there was one or two. The main being miraculously nobody received any life-threatening injuries, which is aContinue reading “The Notre Dame will be restored to its original design”

Underground tunnels found in Ireland’s Alcatraz

Spike island, located in Cork harbour has been host to numerous sites in its 1300 year history. It was once a monastery, a fort and a prison, which was once the worlds largest convict depot. Today stands a 200 year old star shaped fort named fort Michael which once held over 2300 prisoners, the largestContinue reading “Underground tunnels found in Ireland’s Alcatraz”