A horse in Vienna, Austria

Capital: Vienna
Language: German
Currency: Euro
Population: 8.56 Million

The Church of Our Lady in Prague, Czech Republic

Capital: Vienna
Language: Czech
Currency: Czech Koruna
Population: 10.65 Million

A castle in Copenhagen, Denmark

Capital: Copenhagen
Language: Danish
Currency: Danish Krone
Population: 5.81 Million

Big Ben in London, England

Capital: London
Language: English
Currency: British Sterling
Population: 59.98 Million

The Budapest Castle in Hungary

Capital: Budapest
Language: Hungarian
Currency: Hungarian Forint
Population: 9.77 Million

A view of the river in Dublin City, Ireland

Capital: Dublin
Language: English
Currency: Euro
Population: 4.91 Million

The view overlooking Bergamo's Old Town in Italy

Capital: Rome
Language: Italian
Currency: Euro
Population: 60.36 Million

The main square in Valletta, Malta

Capital: Valletta
Language: Maltese/English
Currency: Euro
Population: 503 Thousand

The Town Hall in Belfast, Northern Ireland

Capital: Belfast
Language: English
Currency: British Sterling
Population: 1.89 Million

The Old Town Square in Poznan, Poland

Capital: Warsaw
Language: Polish
Currency: Polish Zloty
Population: 38.98 Million

A tram in Lisbon, Portugal

Capital: Lisbon
Language: Portuguese
Currency: Euro
Population: 10.28 Million

A castle in Romania

Capital: Bucharest
Language: Romanian
Currency: Romanian Leu
Population: 19.41 Million

The Winter Palace in St. Petersburg, Russia

Capital: Moscow
Language: Russian
Currency: Russian Ruble
Population: 144.41 Million

A beach in Alicante, Spain

Capital: Madrid
Language: Spainish
Currency: Euro
Population: 46.95 Million

Historical buildings in Kyiv, Ukraine

Capital: Kyiv/Kiev
Language: Ukrainian/Russian
Currency: Ukrainian hryvnia
Population: 44.39 Million

The Cardiff Castle in Wales

Capital: Cardiff
Language: English
Currency: British Sterling
Population: 3.14 Million