Alternative things to do in Budapest on a budget

In recent years, Budapest has sored to the top of the popularity list with tourists. In 2019 the city welcomed over 4 million visitors through its fun and vibrant streets. In fact, it’s the third most visited city in all of Eastern Europe, only behind the Russian metropolises of Moscow and St. Petersburg. If youContinue reading “Alternative things to do in Budapest on a budget”

An original, budget friendly and less touristy interail route

In recent years, Europe has become a haven for backpackers from all across the globe. Its budget-friendly cities, trendy neighbourhoods and reliability & safety are key reasons why around 538 million people arrive in Europe each year. There are numerous ways to travel through its 10.18 million km² of land. Budget airline Ryanair and European bus serviceContinue reading “An original, budget friendly and less touristy interail route”

Hidden gems in Budapest

In recent years, Budapest has sprung into life and has quickly become one of Europe’s most popular tourist destinations. Many refer to it as the backpacking capital of Europe. After spending just a short time here, you can see why. Its trendy bistros, hipster pub ruins, and rustic vibe are all reasons why so manyContinue reading “Hidden gems in Budapest”

The best of the underworld

Since we spend pretty much our entire life above the ground we sometimes forget that there’s a whole new world right beneath our feet. Whether you visit the underground for a burial site, a mine, or underground caves, you always feel as if you’re in the plot for some Indiana Jones adventure. For some peopleContinue reading “The best of the underworld”

Romance on a budget

When you think of a romantic getaway I’m sure most people will have a vision of themselves sitting out on a luxury hotel balcony overlooking the Eiffel tower, watching the sun go down, and drinking champagne. This does sound great and I’m sure you or your partner would have an unforgettable experience but unfortunately soContinue reading “Romance on a budget”

The cheapest cities to visit in Europe

5. Porto – This is the only western European city to feature on this list. Portugal is a fabulous country in itself, but Porto is the city that we believe offers its best value for money. Regular coffee: 1.54 Euro Metro ticket: 1.30 Euro Domestic beer: 2.00 Euro Meal at a reasonably priced restaurant: 7.00Continue reading “The cheapest cities to visit in Europe”

Things to do in Budapest on a budget

1. Buda Castle – Although there is an entry fee for the National Gallery Museum and the Budapest History Museum, the Buda Castle District is completely free to enter. Take a walk through beautiful gardens before arriving at the castle which was first built in 1295. Fisherman’s Bastion and Matthias Church can also be foundContinue reading “Things to do in Budapest on a budget”