A locals quick guide to Irelands rebel county

WHAT IS IT: The rebel county is a nickname given to the Cork region due to its numerous rebellions throughout its history. Its first recorded rebellion took place way back in June 1569 and its most notable rebellion was during the War of Independence in 1920. Cork is located in southern Ireland and it’s theContinue reading “A locals quick guide to Irelands rebel county”

A locals Guide to Irelands Ancient East

WHAT IS IT?: Irelands Ancient East is a region in Ireland where you can find Irelands most sought after historical landmarks such as Spike Island and Dublin castle. It includes 16 Irish counties stretching from Monaghan in the north to Cork in the south. While you are here you can learn about the fascinating historyContinue reading “A locals Guide to Irelands Ancient East”

A Locals Guide to Irelands Wild Atlantic Way

WHAT IS IT?: The Wild Atlantic Way is a tourism trail around the west of Ireland which spans 2,500 km from Donegal in the north to Cork in the south. Along the way, you will find stunning Irish countryside, quirky traditional villages, and historic Irish landmarks. You will also be able to take in activitiesContinue reading “A Locals Guide to Irelands Wild Atlantic Way”

My favourite castles

CARDIFF CASTLE WHERE: Cardiff, Wales. WHY I LOVE HERE: This is the only place where I experienced a castle smack bang in the centre of a city, but as you enter the grounds feels like you’re a million miles away. The original motte and bailey were built in the 11th Century, but today you canContinue reading “My favourite castles”

The best second cities to visit in Europe

10. Antwerp – Belgium’s capital of cool known as the city of diamonds is located in the Flemish region of Belgium. The old city formed by the 16th Century fortifications has many narrow, winding streets with beautiful old gothic buildings. The city centre is dominated by magnificent stone steeples and its medieval house museum. AntwerpContinue reading “The best second cities to visit in Europe”

The 5 most expensive European cities to visit

5. Dublin – The Republic of Ireland is a great country to visit and it can offer good value for money, but in general it is not a cheap country to visit. Dublin being the largest and capital city makes it more expensive than other cities such as Galway and Cork. Inexpensive restaurant meal: 15.10Continue reading “The 5 most expensive European cities to visit”

Top 5 free things to do in Cork, Ireland

5. Elizabeth fort – This star-shaped fort was built way back in 1601. It was set up to be a defense fortification and it took on many roles throughout its historic age. It was also used as a prison, a military barracks, and in more recent times a police station. As well as experiencing theContinue reading “Top 5 free things to do in Cork, Ireland”

Underground tunnels found in Ireland’s Alcatraz

Spike island, located in Cork harbour has been host to numerous sites in its 1300 year history. It was once a monastery, a fort and a prison, which was once the worlds largest convict depot. Today stands a 200 year old star shaped fort named fort Michael which once held over 2300 prisoners, the largestContinue reading “Underground tunnels found in Ireland’s Alcatraz”