The Soviet Express – The hidden gem route

The Soviet Union, officially the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, was a federal socialist state in Northern Eurasia that existed from 1922 to 1991. It was a state which consisted of 15 countries throughout eastern Europe and western Asia. Soviet architecture may not be as easy on the eye as Renaissance architecture that can beContinue reading “The Soviet Express – The hidden gem route”

Halloween, prime time for dark tourists (Part 2)

CATABOMBS OF PARIS WHERE IS IT: Paris, France. WHY VISIT THERE: These underground ossuaries hold the remains of over 6 million people down here. The dark and narrow mazelike tunnels are lined with human remains giving for an uneasy atmosphere. Once you sense the eerie sounds of the neverending tunnels and feel the cold draftsContinue reading “Halloween, prime time for dark tourists (Part 2)”

The budget Siberian Express

Imagine zooming through snow-white Baltic countryside while sipping on a hot Chocolate and kicking your feet up. You snap up photos of mountains either side of you that’s concealed under a blanket of snow while you listen to the snowflakes gently fall against your window. Yes, this does sound like the plot to The PolarContinue reading “The budget Siberian Express”

Best European cities to visit in September 2020

5. Bratislava – According to the Office of National Statistics, Slovakia is among the top 10 safest places to visit in this ongoing pandemic. Bratislava’s charming 18th-century town is known for its lively bars, restaurants, and pedestrian-only streets. Visiting here also puts you in a great position to explore cities such as Budapest, Vienna, orContinue reading “Best European cities to visit in September 2020”