An original, budget friendly and less touristy interail route

In recent years, Europe has become a haven for backpackers from all across the globe. Its budget-friendly cities, trendy neighbourhoods and reliability & safety are key reasons why around 538 million people arrive in Europe each year. There are numerous ways to travel through its 10.18 million km² of land. Budget airline Ryanair and European bus serviceContinue reading “An original, budget friendly and less touristy interail route”

A quick guide to Poznan, Poland

Poznan is everything you expect from a Polish city break. Its adorable Old Town with colorful buildings and cozy bistros servicing local delicacies at rock bottom prices is everything you would expect to find from a journey through Poland. What makes Poznan different from the more popular tourist cities in Poland is its lack ofContinue reading “A quick guide to Poznan, Poland”

Why Poznan is the ‘Modern Tourist’ Summer holiday destination

Everyone’s idea of a summer holiday is entirely different, but we all have a stereotypical idea of what it is. We have an image of us balming out along the beach across the sun-kissed region of Algarve or relaxing by the pool in an all-inclusive resort in one of the ‘exotic’ Canary islands. There areContinue reading “Why Poznan is the ‘Modern Tourist’ Summer holiday destination”

Looking for a unique Summer holiday? Try Sopot, Poland

More and more people these days have given up on the traditional Summer Holiday. You know the one sitting by the pool in a 3-star resort along the Costa Del Sol. People want to explore new and exciting destinations. This will ultimately lead to a decline in overtourism and help smaller cities and local businessesContinue reading “Looking for a unique Summer holiday? Try Sopot, Poland”

A (not so) hidden gem – Zakopane

A hidden gem is a place that is outstanding to visit but not too many people know about it. There is plenty of regions that remain largely untouched by tourists but offer huge potential. As we explore more and more of the world, we are constantly looking for unique and exciting destinations that are offContinue reading “A (not so) hidden gem – Zakopane”

Christmas on a budget

You either love or hate Christmas. Some people love the crisp winter air, the streets glowing with decorations and the buzzing atmosphere around the towns and cities. Others might see it as stressful picking out presents, spending huge amounts of cash, and getting trampled on by customers in busy shops. Money can be a problemContinue reading “Christmas on a budget”

The best of the underworld

Since we spend pretty much our entire life above the ground we sometimes forget that there’s a whole new world right beneath our feet. Whether you visit the underground for a burial site, a mine, or underground caves, you always feel as if you’re in the plot for some Indiana Jones adventure. For some peopleContinue reading “The best of the underworld”

My favorite cities of 2020

5. WARSAW – This is one of the only capital cities in Europe where it doesn’t get as much attention from tourists as other cities in its country. Warsaw is a bit of a hidden gem when you compare it to other cities such as Kraków and Gdansk. The great thing about Warsaw is thatContinue reading “My favorite cities of 2020”

Free things to do in Kraków, Poland

1. KAZIMIERZ – This trendy neighborhood is the Old Jewish District of Kraków that was created around the 14th-century. It’s only a 15-minute walk from the Old Town Square and you can find amazing markets, galleries, quirky cafés, and vintage clothing stores here. You could easily spend half a day here visiting sights such asContinue reading “Free things to do in Kraków, Poland”

My favourite castles

CARDIFF CASTLE WHERE: Cardiff, Wales. WHY I LOVE HERE: This is the only place where I experienced a castle smack bang in the centre of a city, but as you enter the grounds feels like you’re a million miles away. The original motte and bailey were built in the 11th Century, but today you canContinue reading “My favourite castles”

A day in Warsaw, Poland

This post about Warsaw begins 400km away in the amazing city of Krakow. After spending a week here in the freezing cold temperatures of January we arrived at John Paul II Kraków-Balice International Airport and although we were sad we were leaving, we were glad to be getting home to the much milder weather. Unfortunately,Continue reading “A day in Warsaw, Poland”

The best second cities to visit in Europe

10. Antwerp – Belgium’s capital of cool known as the city of diamonds is located in the Flemish region of Belgium. The old city formed by the 16th Century fortifications has many narrow, winding streets with beautiful old gothic buildings. The city centre is dominated by magnificent stone steeples and its medieval house museum. AntwerpContinue reading “The best second cities to visit in Europe”