The best of the underworld

Since we spend pretty much our entire life above the ground we sometimes forget that there’s a whole new world right beneath our feet. Whether you visit the underground for a burial site, a mine, or underground caves, you always feel as if you’re in the plot for some Indiana Jones adventure. For some peopleContinue reading “The best of the underworld”

The Best Things to do in Rome, Italy

5. Vatican city – Although technically the Vatican City is in a completely different country to Italy and Rome, you can wander in and out without even noticing. This is the headquarters to the Roman Catholic Church, the home to the Pope, and also iconic architecture. While you are here soaking up the history andContinue reading “The Best Things to do in Rome, Italy”

My favourite castles

CARDIFF CASTLE WHERE: Cardiff, Wales. WHY I LOVE HERE: This is the only place where I experienced a castle smack bang in the centre of a city, but as you enter the grounds feels like you’re a million miles away. The original motte and bailey were built in the 11th Century, but today you canContinue reading “My favourite castles”